Workshop in Colaborative Design, with Nómades Digitales for Office Campus Party, Buenos Aires

In collaboration with Nómades Digitales. In this workshop, based on collaboration and experiential learning, participants had the opportunity to generate ideas for solutions to social challenges. The workshops intent was to provide them with a set of resources to use for facilitating a creative process with their own team, and tools based on visual collaboration for the development of ideas.

“This was the only workshop of it’s kind at this years Campus Party!”

“I was surprised by how well a group of peple who never met could collaborate and how many actually good ideas we came up with!”

Workshops in remote collaboration for Hyper Island with MURAL
2015 / 2016

Workshops in remote collaboration, performed remote for Hyper Island in Karlskrona and Manchester, in collaboration with MURAL, the virtual whiteboard.

Remote workshops with Lead XD, Sweden

Lead XD is a experience design agency made up by a remote team of experts in design, strategy, finance, process and technology from around the world. Together with Lead I planned and facilitated activities for virtual clients meetings and remote team building workshops.

Viacom Trade Workshop for Viacom, Argentina

Planning and facilitation of activities during the teams first two day team meeting. The agenda included from icebreakers and team building exercises, to collaborative activities around problem solving and creativity.

TX Day with Teixido, Paraguay

Design and facilitation of a two day workshop in creativity, collaboration and digital strategy together with digital agency Teixido in Asuncion.

MTV International Creative Council para MTV, Argentina

Planning and facilitation of activities focused on collaborative problem solving and creativity during the yearly two day team reunion, this time held in Buenos Aires.

Presentation Interactive Installations for Fly Garage, Mondelez, Argentina

Presenting case studies of interactive installations and activations in public spaces, produced by Media Interactive Design (MID), for innovation incubator Fly Garage.

MethodKit for AOCA, Parana

MethodKit Project Management workshop for members of AOCA. During the workshop MethodKit was used to identify next steps for projects as well as inspiring teams from all over Argentina to share experiences, help each other solve problems and learn from each other. The activity also helped experienced team members share their knowledge with new.

Workshop Creative Process for universities UADE and Austral, Buenos Aires

An idea generation activity that demonstrates the most important elements of creativity and introduce the mindset of design thinking in an interactive and shared experience.

Workshop for Be More for Telefonica, Buenos Aires

A workshop provided as part of Telefonicas learning event with the objective to give their employees the tools and confidence to Be more within their areas. Clients feedback: “The proposed technique was very successful”, “The opening of mind was very positive” and “We would have liked to have more time”.

Workshops with MethodKit for Startups, Buenos Aires

Get tips on how to use MethodKit and exchange insights and reflections with other entrepreneurs. Assisting facilitator with Ola Möller, founder of MethodKit.

Recruitment Events for Hyper Island, Buenos Aires
2013 – 2014

See what it’s like to be a student at Hyper Island. Interactive workshop and Q&A.

Interactive Breakfasts for Visual Latina, Buenos Aires


Weekly capacitation and process workshops in digital media, creativity and group dynamics.

BetaNu in collaboration with Adlatina, Ecuador


A series of workshops in digital media, creativity and group dynamics developed and implemented in collaboration with Adlatina.

Mini workshop on creativity for Startup Weekend, Buenos Aires


Short talk about the creative process at Startup Weekend in Buenos Aires.

Digital Media Workshop at Mondelez, Buenos Aires


Talk and interactive workshop around digital media and the future.