Month: November 2010

Exploring Technology 2010

The Exploring Technology module and exhibition is now over, man I’m tired but it was fun! Soon you will be able to see more of what I’ve been up to under my portfolio, what do emilia know. In the meantime, please check out the blog of my group,, and the exhibition website,!

During the past four weeks the module last for I’ve been multi tasking as both concept developer in my group and as project manager for the marketing of the whole exhibition! I’ve really over proved my ability to multitask, so in the next module I will try to focus on one thing and do really good on that one!

The project my group worked on, The Living Room, turned out really great and I’m really proud of the result and of my group! People who interacted with the furniture thought it was really fun and that the concept was very good. It was amazing watching everyones reaction upon taking a seat (that is start laughing, worked almost every time)! Hopefully we will see our installation in more places than Slussen, Stockholm, in the future! We can make it happen as long as we take the time to work on it!