Month: January 2011

Guldägget 50 years

This year the Swedish advertising award Guldägget celebrates 50 years. Since the students are the future Komm asked all the advertising schools in Stockholm to create a movie about what communication will be like in 50 years from now. Together with some other students of Hyper Island I will take part of the creation of this film. I’m really looking forward to work with the students from the other schools since we haven’t had an opportunity to work with them before. It is going to be interesting to see if we work in different ways and learn from them.

I’m also looking forward to do the research for the film. In the beginning of the Digital Media programme we spent a couple of weeks interviewing people in the ad industry about the future. Right now we are more into looking at how society will be like in 2061 than just focusing on the digital part. This really interests me since the changes in society have a big impact on both technology and communication. Just look at how they in the fifties pictured people driving flying cars but not how women started working.

I really hope we get to go to the awards and that they will choose to show the film there! I’ve wanted to go to Guldägget since I was just a small kid! Last year I got the opportunity to be at the Quebecois version of Guldägget – Crea. I was super exited of being there and felt very proud of the business I’m in! When ideas are brilliant there is nothing better than that out there!

Not only a strategist!

During my time at university I took the chance to use my designer and sewing skills to produce the costumes for a student play. The play I created costumes for was Dante’s divine comedy.

For the costumes that the actors wore for the scenes in hell I got the inspiration from the grey unisex uniforms used in Mao’s communist China during the big leap forward (during this time I was traveling a lot in China).

Dante who is walking around in hell among the lost souls doesn’t need to wear the uniform since he is only visiting and is wearing normal everyday clothes.

The doctor got a very dramatic look by not wearing anything under his white coat.

In the final scene Dante is finally in heaven. In heaven people can wear anything they want to why I asked the actors to dress in their most colorful party clothes for the scene.

I love trying new things! To work with the actors and the producer was a very fun and exiting experience. The theatre might not have been exactly the right place for me but I learned a lot about working with artists and translate a vision into a design concept. It is interesting to see how things I’ve done in the past starts to become a part of the puzzle that shows what I do and who I am.

I wonder what skills I will discover in my fellow Hypers during our last months together. Every week we have sharing sessions and workshops where we show each other things is a new opportunity to find out. Don’t miss out!

Project: me

At Hyper Island we not only learn about digital media, we also learn about our selves. Through reflection we get a lot of insights about ourselves, I’ve never had the opportunity before to hear how other people sees me to this extent ever before.

Some insights I’ve learned through this process is that I am perceived as structured, good at getting things done, fast thinking, ebullient idea generator, humble and professional. I’m very happy about this. This is the way I want people to see me as.

Things I’ve learned that I should improve is to appear more confident. I should also share my feelings about things more often, especially my feelings when I don’t agree. I’m very bad at hiding what I think so there is no point in not telling it. I’ve also learned that when I feel that I have a good solution to a problem I need to communicate it more confident and not let go to early. I think these two has to do with each other. Since people perceive me as professional, that I have knowledge that back up what I say and that I’m humble I’m able to act more confident without worrying of appearing unsympathetic.

This is not impossible to achieve. I’m going to try to remember to say what I feel as often as I can. When I have something important to say I will make sure that everybody is listening and understands that it is important and try to back it up with as much proof as possible. Something I really learned at Hyper is that it is always easier to get things accepted if people see that you are well prepared and know what you are talking about. If you want to say something really really important you need to plan well ahead when you will say it, how you will say it and what you can back it up with.

If I can do this you can too! Good luck!

Goals for 2011

When I thought about 2010 I felt like it was an in between year when nothing happened. But when I started thinking about it more I realized there where a lot of things that happened:

After finishing my courses at John Molson School of business in Montreal by christmas 2009 I was supposed to go back to Sweden, but after a fantastic new years trip to New York I just felt that I wasn’t done with North America and decided to stay in Montreal. I cancelled my return ticket just a day before I was supposed to take off. In the beginning of the year I got my first job in advertisement at Marketel in Montreal. During the spring I got to see my first formula 1 race, I could hear the sound of the engines from my bedroom kilometres from the track. I also got to celebrated the best midsummer ever in New York. In the summer I got to know that I got in at Hyper Island in Stockholm and I moved back there for the first time in five years. Back at home I got to go to the Roskilde festival, something I’ve always wanted to experience.

What do I expect from 2011? I think it is good to put up goals since they most of the time actually happen, a lot of the stuff that happened in 2010 I had wanted for a long time. This year I would like to get a new fun job in advertisement or/and start up my own company, make money, go to India, be able to climb all the red walls at Klätterverket on Telefonplan and be discovered by an agency and become a supermodel. Exited to see what became reality in the end of the year!

This is what I am!

We had a workshop today with Linda Nordfors where we worked with the lists we created – what we love, what we can do and what is important to us. The result of today is the following job-ad:

You are: someone who would like to get to know about the best places for dancing and running all over the world. You would also like to have these experiences created at home.

I am: traveling to different places around the world where I run and dance and write a blog or book about it. When I come home I will hold lectures about my experiences and create concepts for events that let you have the same experiences as I had.

This might not be the thing I would love to do the most in my life but in a weird way it kind of incorporates everything on my list* and if I would get an offer to do it I wouldn’t say no. This idea might just work because it is crazy enough!

The qualities that shows that I could do this is that I love to run and dance in new places, I’m good at creating structure and present information, good at generating ideas and coming up with concepts and write.

It might sound weird to some people who know me that I like presentations because I’m always pretty nervous when I do, but when I’m well prepared and talk about something I like I actually enjoy it pretty much.

Something else that I thought about today is how much I actually love creating structure, I do it automatically all the time when I think and while I do it I really enjoy it. I use it for analyzing information by dissect problems and restructure them and to find the gaps, what I need to learn. Time goes by very fast when I do this. The structure in my head looks like grids and 3D mindmaps.

I love the feeling of enlightenment you get when you learn new things and come up with new ideas and has done so since I was a kid. This was what I learned

* Travel to new places and come up with concepts – get new insights, generate ideas and create integrated concepts, arrange events, gather and present information in a blog or book – create structure and write, experience new places, run and dance, hold lectures.