Month: April 2011

Got a nominee in the Bees Awards!

When I came back to my desk at Hyper Island after the easter holiday there was a great surprise waiting for me – a nominee for the Bees Awards!

Just two weeks ago Estelle, Jakob and I submitted an entry to the Bees Awards student brief. We only had a couple of days to create the idea, visuals and case movie, but we had a feeling that we had something good going on. After doing some competitions you start getting a sense of what they want.

The client was Mango Languages and they wanted to promote their product – Mango Passport. This is a language learning software that you can download here.

Our idea was to instead of using the campaign budget to buy media we should send the target group on free trips that Mango pays for. Before they go they have to learn the language of spoken on the destination. Once on the destination they compete with other travelers to solve tasks, it is easier to solve them if you know the language and the winner get even more money to travel for.

The award ceremony is in San Francisco on Tuesday and we are thinking about going there. Cheapest tickets are with British Airways – 6200 SEK. It would be super cool to be there if we win! Otherwise we will watch the ceremony live online.