Month: June 2011

Marketing the class and Hyper Island

Soon it is time for our class to begin our work with the class website. This site is supposed to market our class. The class websites created by Hyper Island students has been evolved a lot during the last couple of years. Before they used to be a glossy creative way to present the members of the different classes. During the last years they have started to become more of independent sites created for an audience – useful for something.

I think we should try to create a ground breaking website that people can use, that helps them and becomes something that people will talk about.

Since we are over 50 people in the class everyone wont be able to work on the class website. Therefore I think we should create a couple of different projects that different groups can be working at. If we do a website we still need some kind of glossy gallery that presents the people in the class. Something I also think we need is digital business cards – they should have a tag that activates a personal presentation when directed to a webcamera. One group can be working on this.
Augmented reality t-shirt

Me and My Brands

During the past years I have been experimenting with my brand, mostly with my name. The first thing I started using instead of my name was the initials of my whole name. EEPA stands for Elsa Emilia Pearl Astrom. I like EEPA because it reminds me of EPA tractors, it is cool in a swedish version of white trash way.

I also used EEPA in my twitter name. To make it obvious that it is a twitter name I named myself tweepa! If I ever start up a fashion brand of my own I might use this name.

Next thing I came up with was the name of my blog: Hard Enough. My intention was to write about music, I never find music that is hard enough. The blog ended up being about everything and it is a place where I gather stuff.

Then I came up with the logo that consist of an e and an å. I actually draw this one for the first time already in kindergarden. We where only supposed to draw our initials but I went a step further and created a logo.

The latest name is Emilia Riverstream, I use this in my email since Astrom was already taken. Å kind of means river and ström means stream. It also has a cool digital meaning.

Now during the portfolio module it might be a good time to choose a direction of all my different alias. I kind of like them all but as a women in advertisement told me at a party recently it might be good to just stick with Åström since the letters å and ö looks exotic.

Best lecture this far!

We had the best lecture this far with the planner Saher Sidhom. This lecture made me rediscover planning. I think it is very exiting and it is the role I always feel most useful in when doing projects. I’m so jealouse of the Bergh’s students who got to have him for ten weeks!!!

What I will bring with me from this lecture is, beside some interesting thoughts on what is the future of agencies, is a matrix that helps you decide if an idea is worth using or not. On one axis you have relevance for the target group and product you are advertising, and on the other axis you have innovation. If your idea fits in the corner where it is both relevant and innovative you are home!

Fake ad

As a personal assignment we were supposed to create an ad or a website for a brand without showing the logo or the product. I was really exited about the assignment and wanted to do something for a brand that I like and look up to. A brand that I really like is Diesel. I like the attitude of the models and the look of the clothes.

The diesel ads always has a lot of movement and storytelling in them. I created my own Diesel moment in the basement with the help of my gorgeouse friends Estelle and Lizette and my boyfriend got to play the role of the man in the gasmask. Who is really the bad guy in this picture?

Blog gone :(

When I updated to the Satoshi wordpress theme all my previouse blogposts except a few disappeared. I will try to post them again in the right order. Half a year of blogging gone, now it will look like I made all those blogposts in one day…