Month: October 2011

Just wanted to share this with you…

I found this blog written by a planner called Ben Culpin a couple of days ago (he works at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam, a really cool agency I would love to work with!). The things he writes about really inspire me and I can recognize myself in the subjects he writes about.

The day I first found the blog he wrote about the importance of learning new things. He had noticed that he started to be comfortable and not try out as many new things as before once he started working. To try new things is a great way to develop as a person. I love change and to learn new things since it enriches my life and makes me more smart.

Today he told us about how he contacted a friend he haven’t spoken to for a while. Instead of just writing a regular message or call him he just sent the guy a bland psd file to what he would get back! That’s such a nice way of communicating without using words. When trying to communicate without words as we are used to you have to be creative. To create small challenges like this in your everyday life is a great way to find opportunities to learn new things.

This year I’ve been starting to climb and learn how to dj, both are things I wanted to try out for a long time and by learning those things also strengthened my confidence.

Go ahead and read his blog, you’re not going to regret it! I added it to my links on the side and I’m definitely going to follow him from now on!

Apps or mobile sites?

What’s the thing with apps really? A mobile site could look the same and have the same functions, so why waste so much time and money developing apps? A mobile site will work on all devices but with apps you have to code a separate one for the different models.

Also when developing an app you have to adjust your content to the rules of the appstore.

Of course there are many good features that come with apps. If you have a lot of content that you want to share it is harder for pirates to get it from an app than from a website today.

At the moment I think apps are very much seen a way to build a brand and make a brand visible. It feels like companies believe that if you are not in the appstore you don’t exist.

I think companies will more and more question wither an app or a mobile site is the best solution. At the same time apps has had a big impact on sites this far. Websites start to look and function more and more as apps, I think that’s good.

So to summarize, right now I think that maybe apps are a bit of a fag and that mobile sites will become more important in the future but the look and function of apps on mobile sites and web sites is here to stay.

I started thinking about this after reading this article about theme parks and apps.

Drawing of the day: Part 4

Here is a doodle I did on Fia’s doodle workshop the other day. Realized that to doodle is one of the most relaxing things there is. You just alloud yourself to go with the flow and see where you end up!

Banners that rock: Part 1

For a long time I wanted to start a blog with banners that actually works. I haven’t found that many good banners though so I decided to let it be part of this blog.

What do I find so interesting about banners? Everybody hate them and only wants to see them disappear, but I kind of like them the way you would like a sick old street dog. As most people I hate boring, bad and disturbing banners. But when a banner works more like and application and actually does something at the same time as it is relevant to the user, they can actually work pretty good!

I found this banner on the Digital Buss blog. I don’t know how exiting the campaign metrics are but it is a pretty good idea! Enjoy!

Facebook Social Applications – what does it mean?

What does the social applications that will develop as an answer to the new time line and ticker means for advertising and social media.

It seems like the the applications will move out of Facebook. Since any app outside Facebook can now post updates on Facebook without any hazzle, the apps on Facebook will probably disappear more and more.

This will also probably mean that we will produce less apps for Facebook and more apps for mobile and webb.

Good that I have experience in mobile and not only social media! Looking forward to see what happens in this area!

Drawing of the day: Part 3

Realized this weekend that I enjoy drawing and what I like about it is the process.

When you start drawing the drawing doesn’t have many details yet, and it looks very plain and boring. But when you continue building upon the initial lines adding more details and shadows, after a while the drawing starts to look more interesting. When you start a new drawing you have no idea what it will look like when it is finished, you create it on the go and add more things based on feelings. It is weird but when I draw I just feel what I should add next. I just go with the feelings and then at some point you just feel that the drawing is finalized. I found out this process just this weekend when I was drawing, and now I finally feel like I understand how to draw and why people like it. It is a great feeling to just go with your feelings and create something based on them.

I have been trying to draw more often lately and as usually when learning something new you get more insights and learn more from doing it. I feel the same way about the learning process of DJing, if I keep doing it every day I learn more and more. The new insights just keep coming. And as you know by now I love new insights! That’s what keeps me going!

Drawing I did on saturday,I’ve always been fascinated by intersections. When I was a kid I had one period when I only draw intersections of cruise ships. Now I’m more into bones, I think it’s beautiful and enticing.

The Graph Rank decides what social apps shows in your ticker

As everyone else I’m currently trying to find out how to use the new Facebook features and social applications.

My latest findings is this article on what you need to think about to make the app appear in the ticker.

First it needs to be relevant to many people. If Facebook think that your activity is relevant to your friend based on your common interests, the chance your activity will show up on the friends ticker is bigger.

What also matters is how much you use it. For example, I click the Spotify links all the time, this makes the Spotify updates show up more often for me since I interact more with it.

The third thing that matters is how recently you clicked on an update. If I click on an update once and never agin, this type of update will eventually disappear.

All these things need to be considered when developing your social applications. Good luck! I’m looking forward to see what apps will eventually be introduced!

“In the near future, there will no doubt be an explosion of social apps on the market, and Facebook, naturally, will give more weight to certain apps and updates than others. So how do you make sure your company’s social app is prominently displayed in the Tickers and News Feeds of your customers and potential customers? By paying attention to the three factors that determine an app’s Graphrank: co-efficient, interaction, and time decay.

The co-efficient factor refers to the relationship between two users. If Facebook determines that two users have many common interests, then the app activity from one user will be prominently displayed in the other user’s Ticker and News Feed. If two users have few common interests, app activity will be less prominently displayed. The second factor, interaction, is based on how often a user interacts with an app and how their friends react to it. If there is little interaction, then app activities will be shown less frequently. Finally, the time decay factor means that if an app is used only once, activity notices will appear less and less frequently and may even disappear altogether.

Businesses, your task is clear: you need to adapt your social media strategy to reap the benefits of frictionless sharing and realtime serendipity. Specifically, take advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph and the unlimited possibilities for social apps. And finally, ensure that any social app you develop is useful for your customers. Only by creating an app that is truly relevant, will you be able to ensure the kind of continuous interaction that lands your brand in someone’s Top Stories.”

Read the whole article here.

A taste for excellence

When pixar hires new people they want to know what they have done that was excellent (article). It can be in any area, the point is that the person knows what excellence feels like and will recognize it when it happens and knows how they can get there again.

I think I have had a few moments of excellence. The projects I’m most proud of are probably the Mango Languages campaign and the new reading platform for teenagers at (see homepage for work). In these projects we came up with simple ideas that was backed up by solid strategies. What both strategies have in common are that they made use of existing behaviors and trends and had attractive and relevant incentives.

What excites me about strategy

I had a really nice insight last night that I would like to share.

In the beginning advertising meant solving a problem by creating an ad or billboard. Eventually TV became a second option but today the solution could be anything. When I see advertising agencies, digital agencies and branding and strategy agencies their solutions can be anything from more traditional ads to applications and new webb sites.

This is why I think is so exiting to work with strategy. There is a lot happening within the media landscape and new ways to reach people are constantly evolving. To stay up to date and find ways to use these new tools is super exiting. To work with strategy today at an ad agency means that a brief could lead to anything, traditional and new solutions.

I think Hyper Island has been very good at preparing us for this environment. Throughout the program we have gotten to work with very different briefs from very different companies. We are at the edge of the digital development but we also consider the more traditional channels. When we solve briefs we have this whole wide range of solutions to choose from and we always look for the one that fits the best for each problem.

I love doing research, if you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed, and thinking about new ways to apply new technologies and channels but also trends and habits that I find. When I work with strategy I don’t feel like I’m working, this is what I do anyway! I love being inspired and inspire other people and I’m looking forward to see where this will take me in the future!


First week at DDB

Thank you DDB and Jon Dranger for a great first week at DDB. As final project at Hyper Island Estelle and I are working on some briefs and pitches here. We have really enjoyed our first week! We get to work on strategies and concepts and this far I have never had so much fun at an office! Looking forward to monday already!