Month: October 2011

My dream

I’m a city girl, I live living in a big city with lots of people, bars, concerts, stores and everything else that comes with a city. But I have a fantasy that I just can’t get off my mind. Sometime I would live living in the woods, far out on the countryside where there are very few people. You live in your own house far from the closest village or neighbor.

I think what is exiting about this fantasy is the feeling of freedom. There is no one to disturb and there is no one there to see what you are up to. You could do almost whatever you want to!!!

So what would I do with all this freedom?

I love riding mountain bikes. I would ride up and down the the mud roads and hills. I did this in north of Thailand for a month a couple of years ago and I loved it. It would be nice to have a motor cross too when I want more speed or is to lazy to ride the bike.

I would also have my own paintball court. Imagine having the whole forest to play in. There would be gear for all my friends, as many balls as we want and we could build our own bunkers and hide outs.

Loads of other things that I have been dreaming about has come true so I have no doubt this will happen. Want to work for a couple of years first but then when I have my own company and am able to work from wherever I want to a house like this would be the first thing on my list to get.

Who wouldn’t like to visit me for a weekend in the forrest!

The DJ challenge: Part 3

Ok, the last mix wasn’t that good, the beat matching wasn’t as good as I expected but tonight I found out why: I forgot to turn down the volume in the headphones of the track that I mixed in, therefore I didn’t hear how the tracks sounded together when they where mixed.

Tonight I had a visit of my friend Warren who gave me some extra stuff to work on. Something that I found hard doing my first mix that I wrote about in previous post, is know what parts of the two tracks fit best together. Warren introduced something that at first feels like cheating, but if everyone are doing it maybe it is not. What he showed me is the bookmarking function. This allows you to while listening to a track in advance put bookmarks in the track where the good parts start and end. In this way you can quickly jump to these parts of the track while you play it live.

What I also found hard is when I’m in the middle of mixing in a new song and the song previously playing “suddenly” starts doing something else, like singing, which makes the mix feel interrupted. Warren introduced me to a solution of this problem too: When the first track is about to end and I’m in a part that fits well to mix with the next track I can loop that part until I’m done mixing in the next part. This buys you some extra time and you avoid having someone starting to sing in the middle of the mixing.

Great stuff! My mind is totally blown away right now. I love learning new stuff!!! It kind of reminds me of the time when I learned how to go snowboarding, you realize more and more all the time and stuff that you didn’t understand at all in the beginning when someone explained them to you suddenly starts to make sense!

What should I learn next time! Can’t get enough of new learnings!

Does more cook books make us cook more?

The swedes buy more cook books than ever but we cook less food ourselves. Since the fantastic pictures of food and complicated receipts gives us unrealistically high expectations on the food we cook we feel that we cannot live up to these expectations and the true outcome is that we instead of cooking more food at home we eat out more. Read the Metro article here.

We need a movement that shows us what food really looks like, like the movement where supermodels modeled without makeup and photoshop. Domino has made this video with CP+B that unveils the makeup tricks done on food shoots. You can find the video here. The clip is not available on YouTube unfortunately.

We need to create the right expectations but are we as marketers ready to give up the fairy tale world we live in? I think we need to do what we can here. Take strawberries for example, since movies, both animated and real, only show perfectly shaped strawberries the consumers won’t buy strawberries with multiple tips since they are unfamiliar with them. A lot of food is thrown away because of this. I know this and therefore I wouldn’t hesitate to buy an unevenly shaped strawberry but other people might not. Not the marketing people alone can change this, we need the suppliers, farmers and distributors to participate in the movement too, but if we get a chance to show what the real world looks like without makeup I think we can contribute with something good!

The DJ challenge: Part 2

Yesterday I recorded my first mix. My ears hurt!!! I thought I had gotten quite good at beat matching, but listening to the mix I realized have still a lot to learn.

Number one, I still have to get my beat matching perfect. Practice practice practice.

Number two, I need to plan where in the song I’m going to mix in the next one. It is not nice to put o a new song in the middle of an uphill slope.

Number three, don’t cut of the singing. Let the singer finish their lines before I fade them out.

Now it can only get better!

How to win friends and influence people: Lesson 2

Next lesson of this book is to give honest compliments!

Do you remember Mazlow’s hierarchy of need from the high school psychology lessons? The basic needs of humans are food and sleep, but these needs are not what makes us human, if we had only these needs we would be nothing but animals. What makes us different is that we also want to feel important, we want to feel like we have accomplished something. This is where appreciation comes in. Since the feeling of being meaningful is so important to us it is very easy to become liked by showing your appreciation. But be aware that people will notice when you are just trying to flatter them so there is no point in telling someone something nice if you don’t really mean it.

And if you are having a really bad day, there is no better cure than smiling to a stranger and say hello. Try it!

Up to date

I have a good reason for constantly being on Facebook and Twitter — most of my friends regularly post interesting and useful links about stuff that I need to know about. Before I used to collect my links at Delicious but it got too messy. Therefore I put together a list here since I visit my blog everyday anyway. These are some of the most interesting and useful links I have come across and it is constantly growing. If you have any more good links I should know about, please share them in the comments!

My next plan for the links is to create a weekly schedule for them so that I visit one section on Mondays, one on Tuesdays, etc… In that way I don’t have to spend hours going through all of them at the same time when I remember to do it.

How to win friends and influence people: Lesson 1

Started to read this book recently and this far it seems very helpful, I can actually recognize a lot of things from the Hyper Island way and from Susan Wheelan.

The book presents a couple of principles that if you follow them will make life easier and more pleasant, both for you and others. The author gives the reader a few tips on how to better obtain the new skills: be eager to learn, go over the chapters over and over again and take time reflect about your behavior, to write a diary helps. These things are also part of the Hyper Island way. My plan is to improve in this area so I will try to put enough effort into it by using those tools. I would like to share my learning experience with you and hopefully you can get something without having to read the book.

The first chapter is quite simple. The message is: don’t criticize other people and don’t complain. As a Hyper Island student my first thought was that isn’t constructive feedback always good if it can help people evolve and the result of a project to become as good as possible? But then there is a big difference between constructive feedback and criticism.

When the author talks about criticism he is talking about telling another person that he did something wrong. When we feel like we want to critisice someone the author tells us to stop and think about it for a moment before you do something. If you try to think about their motives, maybe you would have acted the same way if you where in the same situation.

Feedback on the other hand should be given in a way so that the person you give the feedback to understands that there is nothing wrong with his personality, only that you feel a certain way when he behaves like that and that he could maybe do it in another way next time. Feedback should also be given in an isolated context. Ask the person if it is ok to give him some feedback and he will be more prepared.

People who complain about things are just generally boring to listen to… Though, I can agree it feels good sometimes.

How will I use this?

Whenever I feel that someone is doing something wrong I will stop and think instead of acting directly upon my feelings. I will try to put myself in the persons position and if I feel that it is right I will ask the person if he would like some feedback on his work. If he says no it is no. If he says yes I will tell him how I feel when he is doing this thing and suggest how he could act instead. At Hyper Island we have a very open and safe environment and we all know each other pretty well which is why we can give each other feedback whenever we feel like it. I know it wont be like that when we come out so it is good to be prepared.

I’m especially happy to have had the opportunity to learn how to receive feedback at Hyper Island and it has helped me a lot to develop as a person and member of effective teams! Please go ahead and give me some feedback!

Tribute to Steve Jobs

I don’t write this to get attention. I actually started crying the other day. I do cry more the older I get though, when I’m happy and sad. I think it is good.

Anyway, a lot of times in my life I have made choices that people have questioned. Why do you have to do that? Is that really necessary? Where would that take you? Thankfully I have been following my own way most of the times, and when I stand here today, almost done with Hyper Island, I feel like I’m on the right track. I’m exactly where I want to be and who I want to be.

All along the way I have sort of known or felt that everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff, and that everything will come together in the end.

In the past few days overload of Steve Jobs I found this speech he made at the Stanford University a couple of years ago. In the beginning of the speech he started talking about connecting the dots and it made me so happy and relived to hear someone else express this feeling. I wish that everyone who feels a bit lost get the chance to hear this and I hope this philosophy can help them as much as it has helped me.

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Yesterday I had another really inspiring experience as well. DM13 (I’m in DM12, DM means Digital Media) had a Skype QA with one of the founders of Vimeo, Zach Klein. When at Hyper Island we get the opportunity to talk to great people I always get goosebumps. I feel privileged like I’m part of this amazing world with all these amazing people and that we can do something together and I’m so proud to be a part of it. He said a lot of smart things but I would like to share two.

The first thing is to not be so protective about your ideas. If you talk about your ideas you have a bigger chance to find someone that could help you make that idea come true. People who would only steal your idea only do so because they would never have been able to come up with that idea themselves and therefore they will not be as successful making it come true as you would be. Everybody has different experience and that makes us unique and therefore the idea will be different depending on who implements it. So then there is no competition and you always have a bigger chance than anyone else to success because you are unique.

The second thing he said is that to be a good entrepreneur you have to understand that you are not your company. If the company is a failure you have to remember that the failure happened by many reasons and you will walk away with more experience and knowledge than you had before, but it is not because of your personality. You are not the failure.

Thank you for today! Hope this inspires someone. It really inspires me. I love being inspired.

How to win friends and influence people

Right now I’m reading how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. He wrote the book in the 1930’s because he saw a need for a book that could help people become more popular and win people over to their side. After reading this book and apply the principles people have become more successful at their work but also found more happiness, both in their career and in their home.

Something I really like about my job is getting along with clients (and colleagues) and successful pitches. As a consultant, sales person and presenter in the advertising world I hope I can pick up some good insights from this book.

Something else I like about this book is the language and style. I love reading older books, J.D. Salinger is another favorite. They feel sophisticated and elegant but still cool in a very straight forward way.

I will try to give you a couple of tips once I’ve gotten a bit further in the book.

The DJ Challenge: Part 1

Yes I did it! I installed all the dj gear all by myself and mixed together two songs almost perfect (though it was only a couple of seconds left to the end of the first song at that point)!

For the last weeks of Hyper Island I set up a goal for myself to learn how to DJ. This is probably the last chance in a very long time to do exactly whatever I want to with my time so I don’t want to waste this opportunity.

My goal is to make one mixtape every week and post it online so everyone can see it. Mixtapes is a good way to see what could be better and you can follow your development. Another goal is to find a party at which I can play in the end of this challenge.

A big thank you to my dear friend Warren who makes this possible! He is an awesome DJ, creative and friend and he is the one who lent me the DJ-gear and came up with the weekly tasks.

Picture proof of today! Follow me to see how it goes!