Month: November 2011

How can advertising make a change?

One thing that I like about working in advertising is that I can have the opportunity to change something with what we are doing. One thing I would like to change is the way people behave and feel like in public spaces.

In Sweden where I come from it is often very cold during the winter and when you are outside you are just on your way somewhere which makes all people outside very alienated from each other. Is there some way we can make people share something and be more happy together? After all public spaces is where we have the chance to connect with anyone in the physical world. I love the digital but we need the human contact as well.

Watch the video and visit for more! Really fun but most importantly it is fun! Thanks for sharing Yentl!

I wrote about the same subject in an older blog post about an installation at a museum here in Buenos Aires, Malla Electronica. The most interesting thing about this installation wasn’t the installation itself but what happened with people around it. Without one person looking at the installation it was hard for others to notice it, and once the next person has seen it too all the people who are looking at it shares something. The gathered people recognize the shared experience with a smile.

This was also our goal with The Living Room – to place something in a boring public space to create a fun experience where strangers could meet.

Companies who would cheer up the environment like this would get a lot of fans I believe. Maybe something to think about?

Banners that rock – or?: Telia

Found this banner from Telia. is a Swedish website that shows what’s on TV right now. The table to the right for the Telia “channel” is a fake table, it is actually a banner. I can imagine this banner could have a quite high click through.

The problem is that the landing page of the banner sucks. You want to watch any content you want right now but the only thing you get is a landing page where you can order the package. What you would expect as a customer here is a site where you can actually get to watch whatever you want right now!!! If a link says they can watch whatever they want it should deliver that. Fail!

You can’t trick users like that online anymore, they won’t buy it!

I’m back!

Hello! Now we are back in Santiago again!

We had a great time during our weekend in Santa Cruz! It has been a really Chilean experience. We got to stay with Fia’s sisters boyfriends family in their house, go to a wedding and ride horses! I’m so happy I got to experience Chile this way. Instead of just being a tourist visiting the main attractions we got to experience what everyday life is like in Chile. I will write more about it later, today we are going to climb the mountains of Santiago to get an overview of the city.

We ended the weekend on a beautiful beach in Chile called Pichilemu. Lots of waves and surfers. When we came to the beach I just had to run directly down to the water to put my feet in it. The waves where calling me and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my whole life — mental orgasm! I put up some pictures of the beach, more from the weekend will come later on our Tumblr.

The waves are calling me!

I spent almost half an hour just running back and forth and throwing myself into and out of the waves!

This house looks like something from a Gorillaz video.


Two happy girls!

No internet for the whole weekend!!!

Yesterday Fia and I decided to go to Chile to visit her sister! You can read more about our adventures in our travel blog on Tumblr.

This weekend we will visit Fias sisters boyfriends house south of Santiago. There is no internet connection there!!! Will probably be good to disconnect for a couple of days though, don’t think I have been offline for that long since I was backpacking in Thailand three years ago. Will give you an update on how it went on monday.

We where promised though that there might be cowboys. Will use this weekend to do loads of offline things outdoors and be inspired. If you spend all your time online your references will be the same as everyone elses and to come up with new unique ideas you need random inspiration from different areas.

See you after the weekend!

Process follow up

Yesterday was the last day of the first part of Fly Garage. We have been so called flying while focusing on open idea generation. Now it is time to move into production but to end the first part we had a good old process follow up Hyper Island style run by Fia and me.

We started off by talking a bit about what we do at Hyper Island and why to give the process follow up a context.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the walnut movie. It’s all about learning by failing.

To put the group in the right mood we showed them the values we followed at Hyper Island, they might seem a bit too obvious and universal but it feels like it helped the group get into the mood:
1. Freedom of expression
2. You are in charge
3. Open minded
4. Equality
5. Confidentiality

To inspire reflection we gave the group the following questions to think about:
1. What did we do as a group that was good?
2. What could we as a group have done better?
3. What did I do that was good?
4. will I do different next time?
5. What will I bring with me from here?

Next we divided the process in three parts:
1. 20 minutes to think individually
2. 20 minutes to share in small groups
3. 20 minutes to share with the whole group

We pointed out a lot of things that can be better next time Kraft run a project like this. I feel proud to have been part of this new initiative within Kraft. It was fun to get to use the methods we have learned at Hyper Island in the real world and see that it worked there to, both as process follow ups and idea generation methods.

Something we where all very impressed by was that all members of the team where able to work very good together from the start. Everyone was very open minded and showed each other a lot of respect. I think one thing that helped us work like this for this three week period was that when we started working together we didn’t know too much about each other why we saw each others as equals. We all came from different places to a whole new context which we all shared. This is something to remember while doing similar projects in the future.

Other things we did good:
– spend time together outside the office (dinners, excursions)
– have inspiring lectures
– mix of many different backgrounds in team
– lots of food and candy always available

Some things we could have done better:
– use more idea generation methods to inspire
– get more own time to think about ideas
– be more where the target group are
– do more energizers (more physical activities over all)
– do process follow ups more often
– in the first days, have a short introduction of Susan Wheelans group stages and how to be an effective group member

I have had a great time working on this project and I have made a lot of good friends! We ended the process follow up with a check out, every person check out by telling the group what they feel right now. My feelings where happy, proud, powerful, inspired and sad (will miss everyone). Thank you for three great weeks! Hope to see you all again some time and I’m looking forward to see the outcome of the project!

Concept Development

After flying free for a while in the Fly Garage it is time to land and start narrow down what ideas to continue to develop into concepts. Like we do at Hyper Island we have been very open during the initial idea generation phase but now it is time to close for new ideas and develop the ones we have.

Tomorrow we will present the concepts to our target group to see what they like and don’t like. Jessica gave us some good tips on how to develop concepts for a first run of presentations and feedback that I would like to share with you:

Use few words and more images to explain the concept.

Only present one idea per concept. Remember that it is the first time your audience will hear the idea and many small ideas in one concept can be confusing.

Keep the concepts you present distinct. If two concepts are similar it is better to kill one to make the best one stand out.

Avoid advertising jargon. Your target group doesn’t know the vocabulary or care about it.

Brand the concepts for the test. Try to present it the way it will look irl when it is done.

Show the actual campaign. You don’t have to show them mood boards or strategy, only what they will actually see in the streets/online.

Thank you for following my blog! Hope you feel that you can learn something! I try to share things I learned here as often as possible. Even if you already know a lot of stuff I write about, writing about things helps me understand it better.

Learnings from Deeplocal

Last night my friend asked me what I’ve learned from Deeplocal. That’s what Hyper friends are for, reminding me to reflect! Really need to build that reflection application… I always write down good questions to ask myself when working on new ideas and I need to collect them somewhere.

Anyway, here we go! The examples are from the Chalk Bot by Deep local.

Learnings top 3:

It’s all about doing something that people want to use, because it is fun or useful, and not trying to force them to do something they aren’t already doing. In Tour de France people where already writing messages on the streets for the races. When the helicopters are filming the race from above millions of people can see the messages.

Prototype early. You don’t know what the innovation will be like until you can try it. You can talk about the concept and the idea for days but it might not make it better. Time is money. When doing the chalk bot, Deeplocal produced a working prototype in only two days and could assure their client it would work.

Tell a story – the innovation should be a story in itself! The chalk bot is a good example of this. By driving the same road as the race while painting messages to cancer patients it tells the story of Lance Armstrong fighting his cancer.

Thank you Deep Local! The last two days was among the most giving in the Fly Garage!


Today is going to be a really fun day! Today the guys from Deeplocal will visit Fly Garage! They really spoil us here.

Deeplocal tries to put ideas and problems together to create innovations.

Examples when they do this are the famous Chalkbot, the solar power tent and the Toyota roller coaster.

The Chalkbot is the robot developed with Nike and Lance Armstrong that sprayed the personals messages from Twitter users on the roads of Tour de France to riders and cancer patients.

In the solar powered tent they used the sunroof from Toyota Prius to create a self-powered tent.

Ideas for Good: Solar Powered Ventilation System Relief Tent from deeplocal on Vimeo.

The Toyota roller coaster uses the existing Synergy Drive System of their cars to convert energy from brakes into energy to use somewhere else.

I haven’t been this exited since I came to Buenos Aires, and bare in mind that I have been excited quite a lot since I came here! Deeplocal definitely goes in my link list just to remind me of the joy of innovating and experiment!

Palermo Valley

Yesterday I went to another tech/entrepreneur event in Buenos Aires during Palermo Valley. I can’t say that I understood everything since it was in Spanish, but I learned some more and also learned some things about digital medial in South America.

Even if South America is perceived to be a cheaper place to produce, like India, they can offer something more. The digital development here is quite exciting to see. There are a lot of good agencies and programmers coming out of here.

There are also a lot of hackatons taking place here, like Hacks/Hackers that produce good stuff.

I just want to earn more insights about this continent that I just began to love and this evening was well spent.

Are we back in grade school?

Just realized that when writing messages or chatting on Facebook it feels totally ok write without using capitals, I would never do that in an email. The same goes for the Skype chat. So why is it like this?

The first level of this is of course that it is more important to write quick than to write good. But if I analyze my own feelings it goes a bit deeper, and I don’t think I’m totally alone about this.

Facebook is a bit like being in school. You have a lot of people around you and some of them you don’t know that well. Like in the real world you don’t want to seem to eager in the beginning of a friendship, not call to often and not seem obsessive about the person. When writing to a person on Facebook that you don’t know that well you not only avoid writing too often but you also avoid sounding to eager by not spelling perfect or use capitals.

It starts to be really interesting when you think about the fact that for my generation the barriers between work and personal life are decreasing more and more since everyone you ever met are soon on Facebook. Until now the careless spelling has been kept on Facebook while the more traditional letter writing format has been used in emails, but what happens when the professional life moves into Facebook? With Skype we have already started to chat with professional contacts and I think we will see more of those contacts on Facebook.

Where will we get to show off our professional side or will the perception and criteria of being professional change?