Month: December 2011

What is the point of Google +?

It’s a way to filter content.

Think about it, Google supplies content. But there is so much content out there so that it becomes useless, because you don’t know how to pick what to focus on.

Online we are since the beginning of Facebook used to let our friends decide what we will become exposed to. This is something that Google + can help you with.

How will they get more people to sign up for Google + so that they can own a little bit more of the world and earn a little bit more money?

Through games they also provide people with the opportunity to play games and meet new people through the games. The games makes people use Google + more.

What for?

Just competition between Facebook and Google or what do you think?

Inspiration Fest

Today we went to Inspiration Fest here in Buenos Aires. It is an event that promotes many different directions within the creative industry. During the day we have experienced conferences, installations, workshops and music.

We listened to Lalo Zanoni from Tercerklick, a social media agency, on new techniques in social media and Leonardo Eyer from Bold Design in Brasil. I realized how spoiled we where with insightful inspiring lectures at Hyper Island and it is definitely a good way to catch up on the latest news in the industry, meet people and get inspired.

During the design lecture I feel like I got a glance of what the world might look like through the eyes of a designer, they probably see things different than I do. If a designer and I are thinking about the same problem the solution for me is in the form of a strategy and a concept, for a designer it might be more visual. We can still share the same idea.

Fia and Nacho made beautiful drawings on the stage where the dj:s performed.

The event took place in a bueautiful industrial concrete building covered in grafitti called Konex. It is used for both events and conferences like this one, a couple of weeks ago I went here on a seminar on the digital development in South America, as well as concerts and clubs.

First week at Castro

Our first week at Castro and the first week of the production phase of Fly Garage is almost over. I loved working with idea generation at the garage but it is nice to change environment and tasks sometimes. The office of Castro is awesome and all the guys working here are really nice. We feel very welcomed and the castrastians are fun and inspiring to work with! We learn a lot about strategy, production and technology.

Some pictures from the office! Thanks Fia for the montage.