Month: February 2012

What do you want!!!

Once again in a very short time I find myself in a new important cross road and once again Mayka delivers what i need in her blog. Also I just talked about the same thing with a friend a couple of days ago.

What caught my attention in this talk as his idea of the different drives us humans have. He mentioned a couple of different ones like love and security. In order to better understand how you work psychologically you have to understand which drive is the strongest one for you.

For me change is important. If things stay the same for too long I get bored and when I get bored I get lazy. Since I know how I work I know that in times when change is not served on a plate I need to go out and hunt them myself. Lately I’m very lucky to have been served big changes regularly.

He also talks about goals, your target. I’ve been going on about goals many times before, but for me the target really works as something that almost invisibly pulls me there once I can imagine it. But what is it really that makes us able to reach our goals? How many times haven’t you blamed lack of resources or time when we haven’t been able to reach a goal. So what makes us able to reach them?

The answer I believe is to be open minded and be able to see the opportunities when they appear in front of you and have the courage to go with them. New opportunities means a change of path, if only a very small change, maybe just walking on the other side of the path. Have you ever had to make a choice where the different paths would have made your life very different? When I decided to go to Buenos Aires, and then decided to stay instead of going back to Sweden, I faced that kind of choices.

Choices like this are scary but it is worth it. Change means uncertainty, and uncertainty means that you will be facing something new which means you’ll have to learn something new. This will make you grow as a person. The more opportunities you will grab the more you will grow.

This is where the targets become important again. To be able to recognize the opportunities when they arise you have to know your target, to be able to recognize what opportunities will take you there.

Rethink your targets regularly. You might have had a dream of something to happen for a long time, but it might not be what you want right now. Take your time to think about this. And remember that everything is possible. A person that is truly enthusiastic about something will find a way to make people believe in him or her. You don’t have to be an expert but you will need your enthusiasm to support you along the way.

Now I’m done. Watch the video and see what it can give you! Which is your drive and how can you use this knowledge to reach your targets?