Month: June 2012

If propaganda works for bad intentions could we also use it for good?

Yes and it’s simply called PR. Edward Bernays (1891-1995) used the term PR to explain the concept of talking to the masses for other purposes than bad intentioned political propaganda.

In Think of me as evil WWF brings up to discussion the responsibility of advertisers to help spreading messages that helps create a better world. Advertisers has since long been haunted with the bad consciousness of contributing to higher consumption, promotion of obsolete stereotypes and of putting the well-being of your ego in front of the living situation of future generations. We all working in advertising have our chance to deciding what impact we want to have on the world. Our messages do have impact and we can influence what this impact will be used for.

Got any unwanted luggage you want to get rid of?

On you can leave your unwanted emotional luggage and someone else can pick it up for you.

On the site you simple leave your problems behind by submitting them on the page. People who visit the site can pick up other peoples luggage by reading their submissions. The person who picks up the luggage of another person can then also choose a song to send to the person who carried the problem to cheer him up!

To talk about your problems has proofed helpful since beginning of time in the healing process after a big drop. In the same way an unexpected encouraging word from a stranger can be what brightens up your day. If we are still to shy to approach each other in the real world at leas we can do so online!

The site is currently down because of too much spam, but I can recommend this article in Wired from last fall.


Today I’m graduating from Hyper Island!

Today I’m graduating from Hyper Island. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would ever learn about myself, others and the world. Yesterday we had our last reflection and feedback session. On a timeline of the past two years we draw up everything we have learned and we filled a whole 1,5×5 meter paper.

In the end we got to light up a candle on the point of time when we learned the most. There are many important moments but I put my candle on the first specialization because it was then I started to understand the importance of taking time off to work on my own projects and reflect. This is when I really hear my own voice, come up with my own ideas and create my own goals. Especially during this spring this has been important for me in order to find out what I really want to do.

At graduation I’m happy to find myself exactly where I want to be doing exactly what I love to do and I’m more than ready to start the next chapter of my life.

Thank you DM12 and Hyper Island! Without you this would have taken much longer time. Don’t say good bye, see you next time!