Month: July 2012

Will we evolve into an exchange society again?

Online people are producing more and more for free, just because it is fun and it is something they care about. The products we create together are actually competing with the gigantic companies that now rule the world. Soon we will also have 3D printers that will let us even produce physical goods and not just intellectual.

How will the market adapt to this? How will we adapt to this? The idea of working in exchange for information and products seems hard to grasp, it is much harder to get payed what we deserve in goods than in money. But as time goes by, shouldn’t we become more intelligent as humans? I think we just have to be open and adapt to change and everything will be fine.

What do you think?

How will social media change gender roles?

This is one of the most positive videos I’ve seen in a long time! When we use social media we leave a trace of stuff we like. If companies started to pick up these traces we would maybe get a more diverse picture of the genders in media. Online we get to decide ourselves what we want to consume, we can also choose to consume things that are necessarily not what our demographic normally like, but online we can be who we want to be.

How many girls would choose to read Cosmopolitan articles online if they had the choice of reading something more interesting? Still quite a lot probably, but if the big volume fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan are exchanged by more different online magazines with more narrow target groups, I’m sure that the group that want to read about dieting and how to please your boyfriend would decrease being replaced by something that corresponds to your taste better.

Lack of copyright promotes innovation – don’t we want that in every industry?

What does fashion have in common with open source software? That they don’t have any copyrights! In both these industries you see a lot of innovation at the same time as everyone are stealing from everyone. The fact that someone can copy your work just make you more motivated to innovate but you also have free access to use others work. To create new ideas you often put together old ones and in these industries it’s totally fine. The only thing you have copyright on is the brandname.

Why are product categories like music, movies and books so afraid of loosing their copyright? If there is one industry that would need more innovation it’s the movie industry. The shit coming out of Hollywood is just getting worse and worse.

The lack of copyright hasn’t killed the fashion industry, it just made it more innovative and interesting. Maybe it is time for music, movies and books to do the same thing.

How to stand out on the smartphone market?

Since the future is mobile many companies not traditionally selling smartphones has gotten into this market. With such great forecasts as the market of smartphones are providing it is not hard to understand.

Casio is one of the latest companies to enter the smartphone market with smartphones that are close to undestructable. But they are not alone about these features, so how to stand out from the crowd?

One important part of the campaign has been to load the phone with features directed to the target consumers of the phone – active outdoor people. With a design that looks like it can stand a nuclear bomb and applications as GPS that works without reception, tide reports for surfers and … they have managed to package and present technical features that many smartphones already possess in a more tangible way. By helping the users understand the possibilities of the technology they manage their phones to stand out from the crowd. Most other unbreakable phones made by companies such as Motorola and Sony are still more similar to traditional smartphones with a more sleak and stylish design that makes them look less resistant.

Technological innovation can go a long way selling a product but if you can’t translate the benefits into a language that the users doesn’t understand it’s a waste of development costs on creating innovation might not be worth it. We still need to connect with the target group on a more emotional level.

Is decreased consumption and advertising compatible?

Working with advertising as well as working in any business selling products to consumers you are facing the moral dilemma of consumption. We need to sell things in order to earn money so that we can buy food and pay for our housing but while doing so we also participate in increasing the consumption of goods we don’t really need.

But at the same time as I’m fighting my bad consciousness from working in advertising the same thing also gives me hope. Advertising can make us consume in a bad way, but it can also make us consume in a better and more responsible way. The consumers are more and more asking for this and more and more companies are also starting to work this way. Advertising can play a big role in this development by helping the consumers make better choices and helping the companies develop their businesses to fit the new world. Advertising is more about creating PR today as an effect of the digital development with for example social media forcing companies to become more transparent. This way the companies will still need advertising to help them develop their business and services that brings good PR to the company while contributing to a sustainable development.

Read my previous post on the same subject, If propaganda works for bad intentions could we also use it for good?, and watch these videos for inspiration. We can change the world!

Can reality exceed the fantasy?

Do we want all our dreams to become real or are there some things we would rather keep as a far fantasy?

I would way say no. When we can realize our dreams we are developing the future. Without far goals you wont reach anywhere. That’s why Hot Wheels just topped their past campaign aimining at making the old Hot Wheels game popular again. Since about a year they have run an advertising campaign where they have been sponsoring racing teams having the Hot Wheels logo on the cars making them look like real sized Hot Wheels. Alongside the sponsorship campaign they have also been selling Hot Wheels stickers for real cars making daddy’s car look like a Hot Wheel. Fun for dad and fun for the kids. Through this campaign Hot Wheels manage to reach both the dad remembering when he would play with Hot Wheels as a kid and by reintroducing the Hot Wheels to the kids of today by making fantasies come true. With the realistic video games we have today and all the possibilities you have online to be entertained it is hard for a plastic toy to fight for attention. Then you need to show that you are the most crazy thing out there.