Month: October 2012

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Today Project of How reached 1500 likes on their Facebook page! Thank you for a great site! I’m very proud of being one of the initial contributors!

I recently decided to separate my personal blog from my more educational content. That’s how my new blog was born. is all about learning new things everyday and to challenge your current mental models. Today Project of How posted my latest article The insights game. Start playing it, challenge yourself and become more intelligent!

Welcome to Flasheaba!

Flasheaba is a blog, learning resource and archive. As a planner all I’m always looking for the flashes of having a new insight. This site is an invitation for you to join me!

Argentinian slang used to say that someone is thinking or seeing things that are not real. (like delusional)

-Viste a esa rubia? Era hermosa!
-No podes flashear asi!! era horrible!

-Did you see that blonde? she was gorgeous!
– You can’t “flashear” like that!! She was horrible!

The end of illegal downloading of Hollywood movies?

Finally Hollywood has understood that if they don’t put their content on YouTube someone else will and also taken the opportunity to spread their content through already existing networks instead of creating their own.

The YOMYOMF network recently published a playlist with all episodes of Drone. One of the actors from the show have even left a YouTube message in the end of the first part.

YouTube recently made a big investment in premium content creators on YouTube and YOMYOMF is one of the channels that stands out. YOMYOMF has 400 000 subscribers which makes it as significant as any traditional channel. A sci-fi show deserves to at least be released on YouTube even though this medium feels kind of old already.

Read the whole article on Singularity Hub.

Watch Drone here!