Month: May 2013

How to advertise to keynotefanatics

Slideshare can be really fascinating. This type of presentation for example that you can find on Slideshare is an excellent type of content marketing, posting the right content in the right place reaching exactly the right audience. While us workshop designers, planners creating pitches and entrepreneurs browse through the database looking for references, this type of presentations on how to improve your presentation skills is a nice break from all the hard facts and minimalistic keynote designs.

I’ve tried all the tips and they work! Most importantly – relax and enjoy the exchange of ideas with your audience!

Retention rate different learning styles

Retention rate different learning styles (how much you remember afterwards):

go to classes – 5 %
read – 10 %
audio visual – 20 %
demonstrations – 30 %
discussions – 50 %
practice – 75 %
teach others – 90 %

Why do you think I like giving workshops so much 🙂 It’s a great opportunity to become very nerdy on a subject and then get to discuss it with others. Great tip on how become better at something – teach it to your friends, family and colleagues!

Here you can see some of the workshops I have been working on if you are curious.

South American culture . Where did I get my haircut from?

Stumbled on this english documentary on cumbia culture in South America. My haircut is a mix between the cumbia culture you can see in this video and the Argentine hippie haircut. It is a very common look on the streets here.

Click image for fun article about Argentine haircuts.

In castellano this haircut is called “cubana” or “mulet”. Google image search result for the haircut below. Fortunately I haven’t experienced any discrimination because of the cut.
Click the image to read the article.

Normally this is where people think I got it from but I actually saw it first in South America, not South Africa.

A little something about me in relation to current trends in South America!