Month: June 2013

1 year ago

1 year ago I graduated from Hyper Island! This year has gone by really quickly. What did I really manage to complete?

I have done two courses in castellano, probably led close to 20 workshops, become a freelance, started to meditate, got another perspective and started to question more things and since one year I haven’t bought any new clothes if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I got to travel a bit too. First to Berlin, then Ecuador, Uruguay, and some more cities in Argentina.

The last day of Hyper Island we did a history map to remember and learn from our time at Hyper Island. I tried the exercise with my work today and we came up with some great improvements we will implement in the next half of the year. It is important to stop sometime and acknowledge progressions. They are easy to miss when you are busy. You often accomplish more than you think.

Financial crisis vs. climate changes

I feel that during the past years because our focus shifted to the financial crisis, climate change got a lot less attention. The emissions of carbon dioxide are still increasing and we need to change this trend as soon as possible before it’s too late but also simply because it’s the right thing to do.

To get motivated about changing the trend, read this article and watch this Ted playlist:

With time running out to tackle global warming, sustained global pressure must be put on governments to reach a deal in 2015

The big picture – Ted playlist