Apps or mobile sites?

What’s the thing with apps really? A mobile site could look the same and have the same functions, so why waste so much time and money developing apps? A mobile site will work on all devices but with apps you have to code a separate one for the different models.

Also when developing an app you have to adjust your content to the rules of the appstore.

Of course there are many good features that come with apps. If you have a lot of content that you want to share it is harder for pirates to get it from an app than from a website today.

At the moment I think apps are very much seen a way to build a brand and make a brand visible. It feels like companies believe that if you are not in the appstore you don’t exist.

I think companies will more and more question wither an app or a mobile site is the best solution. At the same time apps has had a big impact on sites this far. Websites start to look and function more and more as apps, I think that’s good.

So to summarize, right now I think that maybe apps are a bit of a fag and that mobile sites will become more important in the future but the look and function of apps on mobile sites and web sites is here to stay.

I started thinking about this after reading this article about theme parks and apps.