Are we back in grade school?

Just realized that when writing messages or chatting on Facebook it feels totally ok write without using capitals, I would never do that in an email. The same goes for the Skype chat. So why is it like this?

The first level of this is of course that it is more important to write quick than to write good. But if I analyze my own feelings it goes a bit deeper, and I don’t think I’m totally alone about this.

Facebook is a bit like being in school. You have a lot of people around you and some of them you don’t know that well. Like in the real world you don’t want to seem to eager in the beginning of a friendship, not call to often and not seem obsessive about the person. When writing to a person on Facebook that you don’t know that well you not only avoid writing too often but you also avoid sounding to eager by not spelling perfect or use capitals.

It starts to be really interesting when you think about the fact that for my generation the barriers between work and personal life are decreasing more and more since everyone you ever met are soon on Facebook. Until now the careless spelling has been kept on Facebook while the more traditional letter writing format has been used in emails, but what happens when the professional life moves into Facebook? With Skype we have already started to chat with professional contacts and I think we will see more of those contacts on Facebook.

Where will we get to show off our professional side or will the perception and criteria of being professional change?