Are we just starring at the snow in the snow globe?

How many case videos do you watch and how many blog posts about the latest advertisement do you read everyday? I never tried to count but I would guess that I probably get exposed to about 10 new ideas like this daily.

How many of these ideas have I seen in the real world or online?

Very few.

Sometimes I really get the feeling that the advertising, whatever advertising is today, the definition is definitely much broader today than before, is only made for other people in advertising to see or social media savvy people looking for something to share. Where do people actually find and interact with these things?

I just started to watch television. I haven’t owned a TV for years and for the past years only watched what I want, when I want it and without commercials. The reason why I started watching is because it is good for practicing spanish, but I also realized it is good for learning about the culture. Even though TV is changing a lot with the digital development to more on demand and online streaming traditional TV is still a very wide spread medium and a good way to see what is popular in different target groups.

While working in advertising and digital media it is easy to get a very limited view of what the world looks like since many of your friends are in the same business. I just have to look at my Facebook wall to realize that. I still see a lot of lol cats but a big part of the content is case videos of advertising I will never see IRL. Of course a lot of times the reason is because it comes from another country, but still…

It is important to be up to date with the latest in advertising and technology but it is also important to try to put yourself in the position of your target group and try to see the world through their eyes even if it might mean you have to give up a bit of that cutting edge. Walk the same streets, watch the same TV shows, go to the same bars, whatever you have to. It is important to remember to sometimes put down the snow globe and take a look around you.