Best process follow up ever!

Right now we are having a module at Hyper Island called the agency. The class is divided in six different agencies and everybody has real clients.

Yesterday my agency had the best process follow up I ever been to, and we did it all by our selves! Earlier we always had a facilitator with us , a person who is working with improving groupdynamics full-time.

What is a process follow up really? It is like a long meeting where the group talks about how they can become better as a group. To become better we come up with better ways of doing things but maybe even more important we give each other feedback and solve more individual issues together. It creates a very open atmosphere and as we have learned here at Hyper Island the more open you and the other members of the group are the more effective you become.

What was so great about it then?

First I think the class has come to a point when we all are very focused on the task and are able to look beyond ourselves as individuals and instead see us as a team.

As a PM I had prepared an exercise that really fitted the group at this stage. Together we decided on a couple of themes, in this case they where: how well we follow through on goals and responsibilities, decisions, collaboration and participation. For each theme everyone in the gorup got to write on a post-it what they would like us to start, stop and continue doing within this theme.

When we had all post-its on the wall we started to see some clear problems within the group. The first step on the way of solving a problem is to find out that one exists.

Together we agreed on things we would improve in and do differently, we wrote it down on a big poster and put it on the wall where everyone can see it! In a couple of days we will go back to the poster and evaluate if we have followed the guidelines and if they helped.

During the process follow up we learned that some members of the team was a bit uncertain about the responsibilities that follows with their roles. In this session I learned a lot more about the planners role. This far I have found it hard to understand how the planner can work together in a good way with the creatives and the PM, but now I think I really got it, or at least am on the way of finding out.

The planner spends the most time on research and sits on a great deal of knowledge about the client and their problems. The planner has to present the most important pieces of their findings in a way that the creatives can understand and not until they can understand it make use of it. It seems very effective to let the planner participate in brainstorms where his/her role is to ask the right questions and provide the right insights and in that way inspire the creatives to come up with ideas that will work.

I’m really exited to try out this new knowledge. During my time at Hyper I have found out that I’m good at explaining information and relations by creating visuals.

Information is worth so much more when shared! Guess thats why I continue to blog sometimes even if it’s hard.