Can reality exceed the fantasy?

Do we want all our dreams to become real or are there some things we would rather keep as a far fantasy?

I would way say no. When we can realize our dreams we are developing the future. Without far goals you wont reach anywhere. That’s why Hot Wheels just topped their past campaign aimining at making the old Hot Wheels game popular again. Since about a year they have run an advertising campaign where they have been sponsoring racing teams having the Hot Wheels logo on the cars making them look like real sized Hot Wheels. Alongside the sponsorship campaign they have also been selling Hot Wheels stickers for real cars making daddy’s car look like a Hot Wheel. Fun for dad and fun for the kids. Through this campaign Hot Wheels manage to reach both the dad remembering when he would play with Hot Wheels as a kid and by reintroducing the Hot Wheels to the kids of today by making fantasies come true. With the realistic video games we have today and all the possibilities you have online to be entertained it is hard for a plastic toy to fight for attention. Then you need to show that you are the most crazy thing out there.