Today is going to be a really fun day! Today the guys from Deeplocal will visit Fly Garage! They really spoil us here.

Deeplocal tries to put ideas and problems together to create innovations.

Examples when they do this are the famous Chalkbot, the solar power tent and the Toyota roller coaster.

The Chalkbot is the robot developed with Nike and Lance Armstrong that sprayed the personals messages from Twitter users on the roads of Tour de France to riders and cancer patients.

In the solar powered tent they used the sunroof from Toyota Prius to create a self-powered tent.

Ideas for Good: Solar Powered Ventilation System Relief Tent from deeplocal on Vimeo.

The Toyota roller coaster uses the existing Synergy Drive System of their cars to convert energy from brakes into energy to use somewhere else.

I haven’t been this exited since I came to Buenos Aires, and bare in mind that I have been excited quite a lot since I came here! Deeplocal definitely goes in my link list just to remind me of the joy of innovating and experiment!