Drawing of the day: Part 3

Realized this weekend that I enjoy drawing and what I like about it is the process.

When you start drawing the drawing doesn’t have many details yet, and it looks very plain and boring. But when you continue building upon the initial lines adding more details and shadows, after a while the drawing starts to look more interesting. When you start a new drawing you have no idea what it will look like when it is finished, you create it on the go and add more things based on feelings. It is weird but when I draw I just feel what I should add next. I just go with the feelings and then at some point you just feel that the drawing is finalized. I found out this process just this weekend when I was drawing, and now I finally feel like I understand how to draw and why people like it. It is a great feeling to just go with your feelings and create something based on them.

I have been trying to draw more often lately and as usually when learning something new you get more insights and learn more from doing it. I feel the same way about the learning process of DJing, if I keep doing it every day I learn more and more. The new insights just keep coming. And as you know by now I love new insights! That’s what keeps me going!

Drawing I did on saturday,I’ve always been fascinated by intersections. When I was a kid I had one period when I only draw intersections of cruise ships. Now I’m more into bones, I think it’s beautiful and enticing.