Fly Garage and our role as Hyper Island students

Today was my first day in Buenos Aires and the first day with the Fly Garage team. Today I got to meet the team members from Kraft food from all over Latin America. Everybody was really nice, open and happy! I felt very welcome!

I will write more about how my first day and the trip here has been but first I would like to share a bit more about what I will get to do here since, after all, I’m here to do a good job!!!

It was really nice to get to meet the project leader from Kraft and hear some more about the project. During the following weeks we will come up with digital innovations for Kraft food. The team consists of members from Kraft foods, Contagious Magazine, Castro Innovation, Fia and I from Hyper Island and some other creative and technologically oriented people that we will meet on Wednesday. This mix will provide, among many other things, knowledge of the challenges Kraft are facing, creative inspiration and digital media and how to use it. Where Fia and I especially will have a chance to contribute are with the processes for idea generation and creating effective teams.

At Hyper Island we have been working a lot with these things and I can pin point a couple of points where we can provide input.

The team is made up by people who have never worked together before. Here we can help create a more effective team by implementing and share our insights from Susan Wheelan about what happens in different stages and how to help the group moving forward to the next stage. To accomplish this we can also use the feedback and reflection tools Hyper Island has provided us with.

We have a limited time to come up with ideas to make sure that we will get the most out of the time the idea generation needs to be organized. At Hyper Island we have had different workshops throughout the program where we have been trying different ways to get inspired and to choose what ideas to move forward with.

Many people in the team haven’t been working with idea generation in this way before. At Hyper Island we have a few values that helps creating an environment where people feel comfortable to open up and share all their thoughts. It is important to understand that openness creates trust which creates more openness – we need to step out of our comfort zones. To aloud people to do this it is important to state the yes and rule early – never say no to an idea in the open up part of the process. Just build on each others ideas. Then people will be more comfortable sharing.

There are a million things more that we have learned at Hyper Island that I need to sit down and summarize tonight but this is a good start. I’m really looking forward to get to use all this for a real project and what could be better than one like this! It is going on for a limited amount of time, we have a clear goal and they really want to learn from us Hyper Island students!

Until I have worked out the details in more depth, you can watch this video about the Hyper Island walnut. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!