Future dreams/goals!

During the past years many of my dreams have come true. It feels like a simple thing like having the things you want to accomplish constantly there in the back of your mind helps you focus on working towards them. One day you just find yourself being exactly where you want to be! Therefore I feel like it is important to remember to continuously come up with new goals, to always have new things to aim for.

Right now I’m watching 24 Hour Business Camp, a 24 hour hack where teams create new digital services – ready to use! How could I miss this? It would have been awesome to participate in a 24 hour digital entrepreneur hack! Wish I can do it next year! I’m always keeping an eye open for some kind of digital service or product that I could start running as my own company. This is one of my new future goals. I have always been fascinated by awesome digital products and from that grew the desire to also understand how they where built and to come up with an idea to build myself.

During the show I heard about a network for women in programming called Dutchess. It’s open for all women interested in Java, both programmers as well as management. A girl mentioned this a couple a weeks ago too while talking about the digital industry, I think it’s very good that there are things like this. At 24HBC for example there where only 13 women out of 90 people.

Never stop being hungry!