Goals for 2011

When I thought about 2010 I felt like it was an in between year when nothing happened. But when I started thinking about it more I realized there where a lot of things that happened:

After finishing my courses at John Molson School of business in Montreal by christmas 2009 I was supposed to go back to Sweden, but after a fantastic new years trip to New York I just felt that I wasn’t done with North America and decided to stay in Montreal. I cancelled my return ticket just a day before I was supposed to take off. In the beginning of the year I got my first job in advertisement at Marketel in Montreal. During the spring I got to see my first formula 1 race, I could hear the sound of the engines from my bedroom kilometres from the track. I also got to celebrated the best midsummer ever in New York. In the summer I got to know that I got in at Hyper Island in Stockholm and I moved back there for the first time in five years. Back at home I got to go to the Roskilde festival, something I’ve always wanted to experience.

What do I expect from 2011? I think it is good to put up goals since they most of the time actually happen, a lot of the stuff that happened in 2010 I had wanted for a long time. This year I would like to get a new fun job in advertisement or/and start up my own company, make money, go to India, be able to climb all the red walls at Klätterverket on Telefonplan and be discovered by an agency and become a supermodel. Exited to see what became reality in the end of the year!