Guldägget 50 years

This year the Swedish advertising award Guldägget celebrates 50 years. Since the students are the future Komm asked all the advertising schools in Stockholm to create a movie about what communication will be like in 50 years from now. Together with some other students of Hyper Island I will take part of the creation of this film. I’m really looking forward to work with the students from the other schools since we haven’t had an opportunity to work with them before. It is going to be interesting to see if we work in different ways and learn from them.

I’m also looking forward to do the research for the film. In the beginning of the Digital Media programme we spent a couple of weeks interviewing people in the ad industry about the future. Right now we are more into looking at how society will be like in 2061 than just focusing on the digital part. This really interests me since the changes in society have a big impact on both technology and communication. Just look at how they in the fifties pictured people driving flying cars but not how women started working.

I really hope we get to go to the awards and that they will choose to show the film there! I’ve wanted to go to Guldägget since I was just a small kid! Last year I got the opportunity to be at the Quebecois version of Guldägget – Crea. I was super exited of being there and felt very proud of the business I’m in! When ideas are brilliant there is nothing better than that out there!