How to stand out on the smartphone market?

Since the future is mobile many companies not traditionally selling smartphones has gotten into this market. With such great forecasts as the market of smartphones are providing it is not hard to understand.

Casio is one of the latest companies to enter the smartphone market with smartphones that are close to undestructable. But they are not alone about these features, so how to stand out from the crowd?

One important part of the campaign has been to load the phone with features directed to the target consumers of the phone – active outdoor people. With a design that looks like it can stand a nuclear bomb and applications as GPS that works without reception, tide reports for surfers and … they have managed to package and present technical features that many smartphones already possess in a more tangible way. By helping the users understand the possibilities of the technology they manage their phones to stand out from the crowd. Most other unbreakable phones made by companies such as Motorola and Sony are still more similar to traditional smartphones with a more sleak and stylish design that makes them look less resistant.

Technological innovation can go a long way selling a product but if you can’t translate the benefits into a language that the users doesn’t understand it’s a waste of development costs on creating innovation might not be worth it. We still need to connect with the target group on a more emotional level.