Hyper Island team endorsed by Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie!

I just received a picture endorsement by the Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie: http://www.freelancer.com/info/management.php

Hyper Island also moved from rank 35 to 8 of 1700 teams in one day!!! It is possible to win this competition!

By sending us a photo endorsement he also helped us with two of the tasks on the list :p See the whole list hear, but first you have to join the HyperIsland team: http://scavenger.freelancer.com/

Read all about the competition here: http://theriverstream.com/hyper-island-vs-reddit/

To discuss how to solve tasks and organize who’s doing what, ask to join the secret Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247581251998847/

If we win we will use the money to clean up after ourselves in Africa, India and South America where we dump our electronic garbage by learning the people there how to recycle and build new computers. Read more in my previous post: http://theriverstream.com/hyper-island-vs-reddit/

I would also like to initiate an attempt to solve task number 68: Get your team name trending on Twitter. We don’t care how you do it, as long as its legal!
We will do it thursday march 15, 4pm CET and 11am EDT
Post anything with the #hyperisland tag or retweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/therivertweet/status/180054349609844737

We can win this and beat Reddit! The more