Hyper Island vs. Reddit

Freelancer is throwing a competition, a scavenger hunt, where the winning team get´s 25,000 dollars. To win you need a big network all over the world that can collaborate to solve the task. Does that sound like Hyper Island could do?

Reddit has created a team and are probably going to beat all small teams created by Facebook friends. We definitely want to proof that a real network is better than Reddit, don’t we?

What will we do with the price money? Give to a charity organization chosen by the memebers of the Hyper Island team!

How you can help us:

1. Please go to:

2. Click on the Registration button. You don’t need a Freelancer account, you can register with Facebook connect.

3. Next you need to join the team called HyperIsland with team captain called Hpr Isld.

4. Wait until we have confirmed you as a member. In the meantime you can start solving the tasks and discuss in our google doc and Facebook group. If you don’t know what to do please ask me: emilia.astrom@hyperisland.se

Google doc to organize the tasks:

Our secret Facebook page:

To be able to join the Facebook group you need to be friends with me on Facebook:

5. Once you are a confirmed member you can upload your solutions on the site. You must show the Hyper Island logo in all videos and photos, download here:


Please help us beat Reddit!