If we don’t know what aliens look like, how do we know when we found them?

Last night I watched this mind bending TED Talk video about questions without answers. It’s part of their educational series and this very philosophical video aims to inspire you to think about questions that no one knows the answer to – it’s while we are trying to solve these kinds of problems we will progress and create the future.

To exemplify what a questions without answer could be the video takes you through the rationales of the question “is their life in space?” In the end of the video they reach the conclusion that maybe we haven’t seen life yet because it is too small to see or comes in a form that we don’t recognize – for example in the form of information.

Yesterday this didn’t make any sense to me. What would a life form like this look like? How did it evolve? How would they work? This morning I found an interesting article on Extreme Tech about hard drives made by bacteria and the answer started to fall into place.

There are already successful attempts creating biological computers that uses DNA to store data. But what this could mean in the future is that if the computer is grown biologically it can also continue to grow itself. This could mean that a hard drive could grow more memory when it is full to create more storage space. If a computer can grow and evolve itself this way, maybe it is already on it’s way of becoming a new form of life!

Watch this video! We tend to get stuck on small problems in our everyday life, but how much does these problems really matter when you put them in relation to the universe.