I’m back!

Hello! Now we are back in Santiago again!

We had a great time during our weekend in Santa Cruz! It has been a really Chilean experience. We got to stay with Fia’s sisters boyfriends family in their house, go to a wedding and ride horses! I’m so happy I got to experience Chile this way. Instead of just being a tourist visiting the main attractions we got to experience what everyday life is like in Chile. I will write more about it later, today we are going to climb the mountains of Santiago to get an overview of the city.

We ended the weekend on a beautiful beach in Chile called Pichilemu. Lots of waves and surfers. When we came to the beach I just had to run directly down to the water to put my feet in it. The waves where calling me and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my whole life — mental orgasm! I put up some pictures of the beach, more from the weekend will come later on our Tumblr.

The waves are calling me!

I spent almost half an hour just running back and forth and throwing myself into and out of the waves!

This house looks like something from a Gorillaz video.


Two happy girls!