Is decreased consumption and advertising compatible?

Working with advertising as well as working in any business selling products to consumers you are facing the moral dilemma of consumption. We need to sell things in order to earn money so that we can buy food and pay for our housing but while doing so we also participate in increasing the consumption of goods we don’t really need.

But at the same time as I’m fighting my bad consciousness from working in advertising the same thing also gives me hope. Advertising can make us consume in a bad way, but it can also make us consume in a better and more responsible way. The consumers are more and more asking for this and more and more companies are also starting to work this way. Advertising can play a big role in this development by helping the consumers make better choices and helping the companies develop their businesses to fit the new world. Advertising is more about creating PR today as an effect of the digital development with for example social media forcing companies to become more transparent. This way the companies will still need advertising to help them develop their business and services that brings good PR to the company while contributing to a sustainable development.

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