Is the “big-slow-moving” company willing to change?

When i told people I’m going to participate in an innovation project for Kraft Foods many told me things like “Will they really be prepared to change?” “How often does big companies really mean it when they say things like this?”.

To be honest I didn’t know too much about Kraft before. Now when I know a bit more I think that these people don’t knew too much about Kraft either.

Since I learned about the marketing leader of Kraft, Dana Anderson, I believe much more that the company is willing to change. She shows that she understands why they need to change and inspired by other companies that have gone through big changes she seems willing to try some new things at Kraft. Get to know her and here motives in this article from Adweek.

The whole Kraft Food here at Fly Garage in Buenos Aires radiates a curiosity to change. Maria Mujica, marketing director for gum and candies at Kraft, and Jessica Greenwood, director of Contagious insider, among the driving forces behind the project, are truly enthusiastic about the project. We are all very excited to see what we will come up with. As with other innovation incubators we might end up with nothing, but the chance that we will come up with something big is as likely as I see it.

Something is happening in the world for companies and agencies – there is no other way to go than open up, be more transparent and do more good. For agencies this means that we are not longer only working on campaigns to market a product but to go deeper and more holistic and come up with strategies on how to improve the company and sell more stuff that way (have an article on ethics and advertising that I need to read, will get back on that subject).

As I’ve said before, I think Hyper Island has been very good at giving us this holistic view when working on a new brief since we have gotten to try out so many different types of projects, more focused on product development than campaigns. Thank you!