Just wanted to share this with you…

I found this blog written by a planner called Ben Culpin a couple of days ago (he works at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam, a really cool agency I would love to work with!). The things he writes about really inspire me and I can recognize myself in the subjects he writes about.

The day I first found the blog he wrote about the importance of learning new things. He had noticed that he started to be comfortable and not try out as many new things as before once he started working. To try new things is a great way to develop as a person. I love change and to learn new things since it enriches my life and makes me more smart.

Today he told us about how he contacted a friend he haven’t spoken to for a while. Instead of just writing a regular message or call him he just sent the guy a bland psd file to what he would get back! That’s such a nice way of communicating without using words. When trying to communicate without words as we are used to you have to be creative. To create small challenges like this in your everyday life is a great way to find opportunities to learn new things.

This year I’ve been starting to climb and learn how to dj, both are things I wanted to try out for a long time and by learning those things also strengthened my confidence.

Go ahead and read his blog, you’re not going to regret it! I added it to my links on the side and I’m definitely going to follow him from now on!