Malla Electrocinética

This is our first warming up exercise at Project Fly.

While walking around Malba I noticed some people standing in the middle of the hallway looking up the ceiling. This caught my curiosity immediately so I joined them and started looking up the ceiling too even if I didn’t know what I was looking at.

At first I didn’t see anything, but being patient for a second paid off. The first thing you see in the ceiling is a net. Your first reaction then is why are they looking at the net? Then, you start noticing that the net is moving. As soon as this happens you are hooked.

The phase of noticing the installation thanks to the people already watching it is like an initiation rite. Afterwards when you keep watching it together you share something. You become like a group of the initiated few who shares the secret and experience together.

The installation is interactive. The audiences interaction with the piece is part of it. This is why I like it – the whole experience of it.

It is very addictive to look at because it speaks directly to your curiosity. The movements are very unpredictable and you have to keep looking to get to see what happens next.

You could compare the slow movements of the net with the nature of trends and change. It is very hard to see changes happen as you look at them because you will slowly get used to what it looks like now. To be able to detect a change you have to compare what it looked like before with they way it looks now. In the same way you almost don’t notice that the net is moving until you realize that it had a different shape a minute ago compared to now.

To watch the net is also very relaxing. it is like watching a creature breath or to watch a heart beat. To feel someone breathe or their hear beats gives us a feeling of security. It is like the feeling you get sleeping close to someone or like the experience we probably had in our mothers womb.

I would like to have a net like this in the ceiling above my bed. It is so relaxing to watch and it would help me go to sleep. Maybe I could project the video in the ceiling…

Watch my presentation here.