Marketing the class and Hyper Island

Soon it is time for our class to begin our work with the class website. This site is supposed to market our class. The class websites created by Hyper Island students has been evolved a lot during the last couple of years. Before they used to be a glossy creative way to present the members of the different classes. During the last years they have started to become more of independent sites created for an audience – useful for something.

I think we should try to create a ground breaking website that people can use, that helps them and becomes something that people will talk about.

Since we are over 50 people in the class everyone wont be able to work on the class website. Therefore I think we should create a couple of different projects that different groups can be working at. If we do a website we still need some kind of glossy gallery that presents the people in the class. Something I also think we need is digital business cards – they should have a tag that activates a personal presentation when directed to a webcamera. One group can be working on this.
Augmented reality t-shirt