Me and My Brands

During the past years I have been experimenting with my brand, mostly with my name. The first thing I started using instead of my name was the initials of my whole name. EEPA stands for Elsa Emilia Pearl Astrom. I like EEPA because it reminds me of EPA tractors, it is cool in a swedish version of white trash way.

I also used EEPA in my twitter name. To make it obvious that it is a twitter name I named myself tweepa! If I ever start up a fashion brand of my own I might use this name.

Next thing I came up with was the name of my blog: Hard Enough. My intention was to write about music, I never find music that is hard enough. The blog ended up being about everything and it is a place where I gather stuff.

Then I came up with the logo that consist of an e and an å. I actually draw this one for the first time already in kindergarden. We where only supposed to draw our initials but I went a step further and created a logo.

The latest name is Emilia Riverstream, I use this in my email since Astrom was already taken. Å kind of means river and ström means stream. It also has a cool digital meaning.

Now during the portfolio module it might be a good time to choose a direction of all my different alias. I kind of like them all but as a women in advertisement told me at a party recently it might be good to just stick with Åström since the letters å and ö looks exotic.