My dream

I’m a city girl, I live living in a big city with lots of people, bars, concerts, stores and everything else that comes with a city. But I have a fantasy that I just can’t get off my mind. Sometime I would live living in the woods, far out on the countryside where there are very few people. You live in your own house far from the closest village or neighbor.

I think what is exiting about this fantasy is the feeling of freedom. There is no one to disturb and there is no one there to see what you are up to. You could do almost whatever you want to!!!

So what would I do with all this freedom?

I love riding mountain bikes. I would ride up and down the the mud roads and hills. I did this in north of Thailand for a month a couple of years ago and I loved it. It would be nice to have a motor cross too when I want more speed or is to lazy to ride the bike.

I would also have my own paintball court. Imagine having the whole forest to play in. There would be gear for all my friends, as many balls as we want and we could build our own bunkers and hide outs.

Loads of other things that I have been dreaming about has come true so I have no doubt this will happen. Want to work for a couple of years first but then when I have my own company and am able to work from wherever I want to a house like this would be the first thing on my list to get.

Who wouldn’t like to visit me for a weekend in the forrest!