Not only a strategist!

During my time at university I took the chance to use my designer and sewing skills to produce the costumes for a student play. The play I created costumes for was Dante’s divine comedy.

For the costumes that the actors wore for the scenes in hell I got the inspiration from the grey unisex uniforms used in Mao’s communist China during the big leap forward (during this time I was traveling a lot in China).

Dante who is walking around in hell among the lost souls doesn’t need to wear the uniform since he is only visiting and is wearing normal everyday clothes.

The doctor got a very dramatic look by not wearing anything under his white coat.

In the final scene Dante is finally in heaven. In heaven people can wear anything they want to why I asked the actors to dress in their most colorful party clothes for the scene.

I love trying new things! To work with the actors and the producer was a very fun and exiting experience. The theatre might not have been exactly the right place for me but I learned a lot about working with artists and translate a vision into a design concept. It is interesting to see how things I’ve done in the past starts to become a part of the puzzle that shows what I do and who I am.

I wonder what skills I will discover in my fellow Hypers during our last months together. Every week we have sharing sessions and workshops where we show each other things is a new opportunity to find out. Don’t miss out!