PERSPECTIVAS: género is a gender perspective filter tool, co-created with specialists and the Advertising community. There are 64 visual collaboration cards to analyze and devise pieces of communication.

A playful trigger to question biases, break gender stereotypes and expand our way of seeing the world or doing something to change it.

“Using them you realize that brands keep talking to a woman who no longer exists.”

“The cards have a level that everyone understands.”

“The questions are simple, clear and concise.”



PERSPECTIVAS: género was created together with Publicitarias, to be used in content creation with gender perspective. The tool is used by agencies, brands, universities and communicators from Argentina, Mexico, and Miami to Spain. Since launch we’ve facilitated more than 50 workshops using the cards with groups of 10 to 60 participants from brands, agencies and schools such as Dentsu, Mercedez, Fox, Facebook, Google, and Brother. The first edition of PERSPECTIVA: genero for content creation with gender perspective sold close to 500 copies during the first year.

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