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Can reality exceed the fantasy?

Do we want all our dreams to become real or are there some things we would rather keep as a far fantasy?

I would way say no. When we can realize our dreams we are developing the future. Without far goals you wont reach anywhere. That’s why Hot Wheels just topped their past campaign aimining at making the old Hot Wheels game popular again. Since about a year they have run an advertising campaign where they have been sponsoring racing teams having the Hot Wheels logo on the cars making them look like real sized Hot Wheels. Alongside the sponsorship campaign they have also been selling Hot Wheels stickers for real cars making daddy’s car look like a Hot Wheel. Fun for dad and fun for the kids. Through this campaign Hot Wheels manage to reach both the dad remembering when he would play with Hot Wheels as a kid and by reintroducing the Hot Wheels to the kids of today by making fantasies come true. With the realistic video games we have today and all the possibilities you have online to be entertained it is hard for a plastic toy to fight for attention. Then you need to show that you are the most crazy thing out there.


If we don’t know what aliens look like, how do we know when we found them?

Last night I watched this mind bending TED Talk video about questions without answers. It’s part of their educational series and this very philosophical video aims to inspire you to think about questions that no one knows the answer to – it’s while we are trying to solve these kinds of problems we will progress and create the future.

To exemplify what a questions without answer could be the video takes you through the rationales of the question “is their life in space?” In the end of the video they reach the conclusion that maybe we haven’t seen life yet because it is too small to see or comes in a form that we don’t recognize – for example in the form of information.

Yesterday this didn’t make any sense to me. What would a life form like this look like? How did it evolve? How would they work? This morning I found an interesting article on Extreme Tech about hard drives made by bacteria and the answer started to fall into place.

There are already successful attempts creating biological computers that uses DNA to store data. But what this could mean in the future is that if the computer is grown biologically it can also continue to grow itself. This could mean that a hard drive could grow more memory when it is full to create more storage space. If a computer can grow and evolve itself this way, maybe it is already on it’s way of becoming a new form of life!

Watch this video! We tend to get stuck on small problems in our everyday life, but how much does these problems really matter when you put them in relation to the universe.

What’s happening there?

What can I say. Great way by Coca Cola to create attention for a small event. I’m really curious to see what’s going on there!

Turns out Coca Cola exchanged empty bottles for new ones and a secret gift at a shopping mall in Singapore! Great use of social media – connecting online with the real world bringing people together and doing something!!! But the post would have been even more powerful with a great picture to go with it, for the share button 😉

Read more about it on this forum!

Honestly, how many hours do you spend in Google Earth?

I received this link from my dad today, thank you!

I’ve always been fascinated by maps. When I was a kid I used to draw them, play with my earth globe and when Google Earth arrived I spent hours zooming in and out on different parts of the world fantasizing about what it would be like being there.

Unit9 has together with BBDO made an online game inspired by Google Streetview. It’s a perfect way of delivering that extra layer to make your fantasies from Google Earth come true. The goal of the game is to help free Maria who’s trapped in Streetview. You will get to travel the streets by car and in the end you will even receive a call from the character to your cellphone – the Google Streetview feeling and the phone call gives the game a very surreal feeling.

Watch the video and try it here!

Are we just starring at the snow in the snow globe?

How many case videos do you watch and how many blog posts about the latest advertisement do you read everyday? I never tried to count but I would guess that I probably get exposed to about 10 new ideas like this daily.

How many of these ideas have I seen in the real world or online?

Very few.

Sometimes I really get the feeling that the advertising, whatever advertising is today, the definition is definitely much broader today than before, is only made for other people in advertising to see or social media savvy people looking for something to share. Where do people actually find and interact with these things?

I just started to watch television. I haven’t owned a TV for years and for the past years only watched what I want, when I want it and without commercials. The reason why I started watching is because it is good for practicing spanish, but I also realized it is good for learning about the culture. Even though TV is changing a lot with the digital development to more on demand and online streaming traditional TV is still a very wide spread medium and a good way to see what is popular in different target groups.

While working in advertising and digital media it is easy to get a very limited view of what the world looks like since many of your friends are in the same business. I just have to look at my Facebook wall to realize that. I still see a lot of lol cats but a big part of the content is case videos of advertising I will never see IRL. Of course a lot of times the reason is because it comes from another country, but still…

It is important to be up to date with the latest in advertising and technology but it is also important to try to put yourself in the position of your target group and try to see the world through their eyes even if it might mean you have to give up a bit of that cutting edge. Walk the same streets, watch the same TV shows, go to the same bars, whatever you have to. It is important to remember to sometimes put down the snow globe and take a look around you.