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Got any unwanted luggage you want to get rid of?

On www.emotionalbackcheck.com you can leave your unwanted emotional luggage and someone else can pick it up for you.

On the site you simple leave your problems behind by submitting them on the page. People who visit the site can pick up other peoples luggage by reading their submissions. The person who picks up the luggage of another person can then also choose a song to send to the person who carried the problem to cheer him up!

To talk about your problems has proofed helpful since beginning of time in the healing process after a big drop. In the same way an unexpected encouraging word from a stranger can be what brightens up your day. If we are still to shy to approach each other in the real world at leas we can do so online!

The site emotionalbackcheck.com is currently down because of too much spam, but I can recommend this article in Wired from last fall.