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Have one new insight each day and become more intelligent!

Today Project of How reached 1500 likes on their Facebook page! Thank you for a great site! I’m very proud of being one of the initial contributors!

I recently decided to separate my personal blog theriverstream.com from my more educational content. That’s how my new blog Flasheaba.com was born. Flasheaba.com is all about learning new things everyday and to challenge your current mental models. Today Project of How posted my latest article The insights game. Start playing it, challenge yourself and become more intelligent!

What would you put on your shoot-for-the-stars-list?

As I mentioned in earlier posts about Project Fly, the inspiration to start up an innovation incubator for digital solutions within Kraft came from other companies doing the same. I just came over this article in NY Times about Google X lab. Since Google as a company is like a big innovation incubator in itself, Google X is like the innovation incubator of the innovation incubator, that might give us a hint on how far they are reaching with this initiative.

Most of the ideas are still in a very conceptual stage and it will probably take some more time before Google can prototype them, but to give you an idea of what level of innovation we are talking about one of the 100 shoot-for-the-stars ideas on their list is an elevator to space. Even if many of their ideas are very far in the future and very unrealistic today, we need initiatives like this to make companies move forward but also to strengthen their image as forward thinking, something that many companies are trying hard to be.

What would you put on your list of dream innovations to develop for your company or yourself? We don’t know what the future is so we might as well create it. Have fun!

What makes you keep going when it’s hard?

Once more Mayka posts something that really relates to where I am right now and that really helps and comforts me!

I can really relate to what Steve Jobs says in this video:

To be able to succeed in something you really need to love what you do, because you are going to struggle and there is going to be a lot of worrying. At this point any rational person would give up, but love is not rational and if you love what you do you will get through it and succeed.

This is what I’m experiencing right now and have been for a couple of months with Project Fly. I never know what’s going on and I can never plan more than one month ahead. I guess the only reason why I do it is because I’m having so much fun! Actually all this caos makes me more creative in my profession as well since my mind is working on solving problems all the times since all experiences are new. Read old post on this here –>

Why am I doing this?

I want to change the world – give people better opportunities to live a better life and stop the pollution.

I want to see the Hyper Island network win over the Reddit-team.

I like to see current and former Hyper Island students all around working together for the same cause.

What new things have you learned recently?

Right now I have an in-between-projects period of two weeks and I’m going to use it to learn as much as I can about circuits and programming. For two days I’ve been digging deeper into the electronics and circuits course of MIT and I must reveal that I’m a bit impatient. I want to understand and know everything now!!! I know though that usually in the beginning when I learn something new I don’t understand anything, but after a while most things start fall into place. To remind myself about this gives me motivation to continue.

4 months ago I found myself in Buenos Aires, not able to say much more than “thanks”, “hello” and “beer” in spanish. Now 4 months later I can communicate with people about almost any subject, something I had a very hard time see myself doing before.

When I started to learn how HTML, CSS and Javascript worked I also had no clue, but after trying and trying again I finally started to understand it and now it seems very obvious.

What also keeps me going, besides remembering that if I work hard I will understand, are the constant rewards you receive while in the process of learning something new. With both math, programming and electronics these rewards are very visible, because if you got it right it works! Today I had one of those moments while working in my office, I finally managed to solve an equation, and made a little dance of celebration in my chair. Everyone looked me as if I was crazy but I just feel so good when solving something! I need the kicks from learning new things to not get bored and therefore I know that once in a while I need to look for new interesting things to add to my toolbox.

I have learned a lot of new things during the last year, many of them are things I dreamed about for a long time. Every time I start doing something I wanted to do for a long time I feel really good. I feel in control of my life and that I can steer myself in any direction I want to go. For example I learned to surf in Uruguay during christmas, started climbing last year, UX design, leading Hyper Island method sessions outside Hyper Island, the spanish, and now last but not least the circuits, electronics and programming courses I’m taking right now. All these things felt almost to hard to achieve when I started but after giving it some time and energy I got it! When you put yourself outside your comfort zone is when you really need to learn something new, and to learn something new and master that new space outside your comfort zone gives you the satisfaction of taking control of your life. For every dream I fulfill I feel like I become a bit more like the person I really am. I guess it makes quite some sense that the more you listen to your voice and act on it, the more you become the person you are meant to be. And a person with interests is usually more interesting too, both for yourself and people around you. The world is meant to explore!

What are you dreaming of? What is your dream life like? It is never too late to learn something new. To spend a couple of months of your life learning something new that you can use for the rest of your life is not a big sacrifice. Do it!

What do you want!!!

Once again in a very short time I find myself in a new important cross road and once again Mayka delivers what i need in her blog. Also I just talked about the same thing with a friend a couple of days ago.

What caught my attention in this talk as his idea of the different drives us humans have. He mentioned a couple of different ones like love and security. In order to better understand how you work psychologically you have to understand which drive is the strongest one for you.

For me change is important. If things stay the same for too long I get bored and when I get bored I get lazy. Since I know how I work I know that in times when change is not served on a plate I need to go out and hunt them myself. Lately I’m very lucky to have been served big changes regularly.

He also talks about goals, your target. I’ve been going on about goals many times before, but for me the target really works as something that almost invisibly pulls me there once I can imagine it. But what is it really that makes us able to reach our goals? How many times haven’t you blamed lack of resources or time when we haven’t been able to reach a goal. So what makes us able to reach them?

The answer I believe is to be open minded and be able to see the opportunities when they appear in front of you and have the courage to go with them. New opportunities means a change of path, if only a very small change, maybe just walking on the other side of the path. Have you ever had to make a choice where the different paths would have made your life very different? When I decided to go to Buenos Aires, and then decided to stay instead of going back to Sweden, I faced that kind of choices.

Choices like this are scary but it is worth it. Change means uncertainty, and uncertainty means that you will be facing something new which means you’ll have to learn something new. This will make you grow as a person. The more opportunities you will grab the more you will grow.

This is where the targets become important again. To be able to recognize the opportunities when they arise you have to know your target, to be able to recognize what opportunities will take you there.

Rethink your targets regularly. You might have had a dream of something to happen for a long time, but it might not be what you want right now. Take your time to think about this. And remember that everything is possible. A person that is truly enthusiastic about something will find a way to make people believe in him or her. You don’t have to be an expert but you will need your enthusiasm to support you along the way.

Now I’m done. Watch the video and see what it can give you! Which is your drive and how can you use this knowledge to reach your targets?

I’m back!

Hello! Now we are back in Santiago again!

We had a great time during our weekend in Santa Cruz! It has been a really Chilean experience. We got to stay with Fia’s sisters boyfriends family in their house, go to a wedding and ride horses! I’m so happy I got to experience Chile this way. Instead of just being a tourist visiting the main attractions we got to experience what everyday life is like in Chile. I will write more about it later, today we are going to climb the mountains of Santiago to get an overview of the city.

We ended the weekend on a beautiful beach in Chile called Pichilemu. Lots of waves and surfers. When we came to the beach I just had to run directly down to the water to put my feet in it. The waves where calling me and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my whole life — mental orgasm! I put up some pictures of the beach, more from the weekend will come later on our Tumblr.

The waves are calling me!

I spent almost half an hour just running back and forth and throwing myself into and out of the waves!

This house looks like something from a Gorillaz video.


Two happy girls!