The DJ Challenge: Part 1

Yes I did it! I installed all the dj gear all by myself and mixed together two songs almost perfect (though it was only a couple of seconds left to the end of the first song at that point)!

For the last weeks of Hyper Island I set up a goal for myself to learn how to DJ. This is probably the last chance in a very long time to do exactly whatever I want to with my time so I don’t want to waste this opportunity.

My goal is to make one mixtape every week and post it online so everyone can see it. Mixtapes is a good way to see what could be better and you can follow your development. Another goal is to find a party at which I can play in the end of this challenge.

A big thank you to my dear friend Warren who makes this possible! He is an awesome DJ, creative and friend and he is the one who lent me the DJ-gear and came up with the weekly tasks.

Picture proof of today! Follow me to see how it goes!