Tips on voice exercises

This is not the usual type of posts I use to write, but at the moment I’m focusing on how to become a better speaker since I want to be able to communicate more clear when I present workshops. Since I intend this blog to also be a resource for people to help them to prepare and lead workshops this is an important part of the process to not forget.

I got this tip on the vocal coach Dot through my friend Maja, and I started to browse her youtube videos for inspiration and exercises.

This video is a bit hippie, but it gives you some useful voice exercises that help you relax.

Watch the video and then look at the spinning lady. Did you notice any difference? If the spinning lady really is working or not is controversial but here Dot will explain in more detail how she has applied it in her study related to singing mindset.

This video a voice warm up that you can also to do to relax and get energized before a talk. Have fun!