What do employers look for when they read your blog?

When I chose my blog as my final project at Hyper Island I knew it would be good to present who I am to possible employers or clients. I also just found a very nice blog post Reviewz n’ tips that confirms my suspicions!

Through your blog the employer is able to discover sides of you that are difficult to determine during an interview or by watching a portfolio or reading a CV. Through reading your blog he is able to get to know your values, character and personality; communication skills and thinking process and your ideas and creativity. You can always describe how you are and work as a person during an interview, but a blog gives your possible employer the opportunity to see for himself wither what you say you are is real or not.

The more transparent and honest I’m in my relationships with people the more positive response I get and it motivates me to show more of myself and be myself. When the picture others have of you corresponds more to who you are, your self-esteem and confidence increases. This is something we talked about during the first week at Hyper Island, and my blog has been one of my ways of working with this through reflection.

Another way to improve in this area is to get feedback, something we got to practice a lot a Hyper Island. To get used to receive harsh feedback was very new to many of us but it made our skin thicker while we learned about ourselves. Feedback should be done in a constructive way though. If you are curious to know more about how to give and receive feedback, you can read more about it on my friend Ola Möller’s website Project of How – Feedback for dummies.

I see my blog as a tool to reflect and learn, not only about digital media but also about myself. This also means that you can read it in order to learn more about not only digital media and method, but also about me.

See you!