What excites me about strategy

I had a really nice insight last night that I would like to share.

In the beginning advertising meant solving a problem by creating an ad or billboard. Eventually TV became a second option but today the solution could be anything. When I see advertising agencies, digital agencies and branding and strategy agencies their solutions can be anything from more traditional ads to applications and new webb sites.

This is why I think is so exiting to work with strategy. There is a lot happening within the media landscape and new ways to reach people are constantly evolving. To stay up to date and find ways to use these new tools is super exiting. To work with strategy today at an ad agency means that a brief could lead to anything, traditional and new solutions.

I think Hyper Island has been very good at preparing us for this environment. Throughout the program we have gotten to work with very different briefs from very different companies. We are at the edge of the digital development but we also consider the more traditional channels. When we solve briefs we have this whole wide range of solutions to choose from and we always look for the one that fits the best for each problem.

I love doing research, if you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed, and thinking about new ways to apply new technologies and channels but also trends and habits that I find. When I work with strategy I don’t feel like I’m working, this is what I do anyway! I love being inspired and inspire other people and I’m looking forward to see where this will take me in the future!