What is the next big thing?

What is the next big thing? When I say that I work with digital media people always ask me this question. But the next thing of what? What people usually mean with the next big thing is the next bit thing after Facebook. I don’t really like answering this question with a straight answer. Both because honestly I don’t know and even if I did it would probably change and since it depends on what area you are interested in I need to know this before I can answer.

A search on the term gives you a few possible answers. I like Quora for these types of questions. Read the answers here! Here you can also find a few good tips on how to think to find out what the next big thing is. One example of this is to look where investments go. Health care is an area that attracts a lot of new investments right now, we are becoming older and older and need more healthcare while there will be fewer people available to work in health care. This industry is currently attracting a lot of developer.

One thing that is the next big thing, and is already happening, is the globalization. One person that knows how to capitalize on this and has the financial power to do it is Matt Barrie. Recently he launched the new Linkedin for digital freelancing – freelancer.com. What this means for us working in digital media is that anyone anywhere (this is not new, but it will certainly become more common) can work anywhere with anyone. What Matt has done is finding a way to capitalize on this new thing.

I haven’t tried it out properly yet to say how good it works and it’s still very new. To use the site you also have to pay, which makes the barrier to enter higher but in the same time it will probably raise the quality. As part of the launching campaign freelancer.com threw a couple of competitions where you could win money that is added to your account. I was lucky to win 1000 dollar which I can either take out or use in the site.

I believe there are two ways to try to answer this question. Either you try to guess what other people will do in the future, or you create the next big thing yourself!