What makes you keep going when it’s hard?

Once more Mayka posts something that really relates to where I am right now and that really helps and comforts me!

I can really relate to what Steve Jobs says in this video:

To be able to succeed in something you really need to love what you do, because you are going to struggle and there is going to be a lot of worrying. At this point any rational person would give up, but love is not rational and if you love what you do you will get through it and succeed.

This is what I’m experiencing right now and have been for a couple of months with Project Fly. I never know what’s going on and I can never plan more than one month ahead. I guess the only reason why I do it is because I’m having so much fun! Actually all this caos makes me more creative in my profession as well since my mind is working on solving problems all the times since all experiences are new. Read old post on this here –>