What new things have you learned recently?

Right now I have an in-between-projects period of two weeks and I’m going to use it to learn as much as I can about circuits and programming. For two days I’ve been digging deeper into the electronics and circuits course of MIT and I must reveal that I’m a bit impatient. I want to understand and know everything now!!! I know though that usually in the beginning when I learn something new I don’t understand anything, but after a while most things start fall into place. To remind myself about this gives me motivation to continue.

4 months ago I found myself in Buenos Aires, not able to say much more than “thanks”, “hello” and “beer” in spanish. Now 4 months later I can communicate with people about almost any subject, something I had a very hard time see myself doing before.

When I started to learn how HTML, CSS and Javascript worked I also had no clue, but after trying and trying again I finally started to understand it and now it seems very obvious.

What also keeps me going, besides remembering that if I work hard I will understand, are the constant rewards you receive while in the process of learning something new. With both math, programming and electronics these rewards are very visible, because if you got it right it works! Today I had one of those moments while working in my office, I finally managed to solve an equation, and made a little dance of celebration in my chair. Everyone looked me as if I was crazy but I just feel so good when solving something! I need the kicks from learning new things to not get bored and therefore I know that once in a while I need to look for new interesting things to add to my toolbox.

I have learned a lot of new things during the last year, many of them are things I dreamed about for a long time. Every time I start doing something I wanted to do for a long time I feel really good. I feel in control of my life and that I can steer myself in any direction I want to go. For example I learned to surf in Uruguay during christmas, started climbing last year, UX design, leading Hyper Island method sessions outside Hyper Island, the spanish, and now last but not least the circuits, electronics and programming courses I’m taking right now. All these things felt almost to hard to achieve when I started but after giving it some time and energy I got it! When you put yourself outside your comfort zone is when you really need to learn something new, and to learn something new and master that new space outside your comfort zone gives you the satisfaction of taking control of your life. For every dream I fulfill I feel like I become a bit more like the person I really am. I guess it makes quite some sense that the more you listen to your voice and act on it, the more you become the person you are meant to be. And a person with interests is usually more interesting too, both for yourself and people around you. The world is meant to explore!

What are you dreaming of? What is your dream life like? It is never too late to learn something new. To spend a couple of months of your life learning something new that you can use for the rest of your life is not a big sacrifice. Do it!